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International Exchange/Social Action Programmes in Asia

Receiving teams, players, coaches from Asia

In response to the request of many countries to “ carry out a training camp using great facilities and environment of Japan”, in cooperation with J-Club and teams registered at JFA, foreign national teams, players, youth teams are invited.

The Strengthening of Foreign National teams and players is actively supported : facilities as training centers and football facilities around Japan are provided as camp, and taking into account the needs and level of each team, matches with Japanese teams are organised. Also people related with Football Association of each country and Leagues are invited to see the JFA/ J-League’s activities and management.

Teams invited as of May 2024
  • by Year:
  • Country/area:
Year Country/ area Team Acceptance period Camp Report
2024ChinaU-15 national team, U-14 national team, U-14 Women's national teamApril 2024J-GREEN Sakai
2024Hong KongU-14 national teamApril 2024Gotemba city (Tokinosumika), Shizuoka
2024Chinese TaipeiU-20 Women's national teamFebruary 2024J-GREEN Sakai
2023ChinaU-15 national teamDecember 2023J-GREEN Sakai
2023Northern Marianna IslandsNational team, U-18 national teamJuly 2023J-VILLAGE / Makuhari city, ChibaHere
2023ThailandU-17 national teamMay 2023J-GREEN SakaiHere
2022ThailandWomen's national teamDecember 2022J-GREEN SakaiHere
2022GuamU-17 Women's national teamDecember 2022J-GREEN SakaiHere
2022SingaporeNational teamDecember 2022Chiba city, ChibaHere
2022MongoliaNational teamNovember 2022Toyama city, ToyamaHere
2022UzbekistanWomen's national teamSeptember 2022Tokinosumika Sports Center, J-GREEN SakaiHere
2022GuamWomen's national team, U-20 Women's national teamJuly 2022Susono city, ShizuokaHere
2019ChinaFutsal Women’s national teamNovember - December 2019Fuchu city, Tokyo
2019PhilippinesWomen's national teamOctober - November 2019J-GREEN Sakai
2019SingaporeU-22 national teamOctober - November 2019Tokinosumika Sports Center
2019Chinese TaipeiU-18 national teamAugust 2019Itako city, Kashima city, Ibaraki
2019Chinese TaipeiU-16 Women's national teamJuly 2019Tokinosumika Sports Center
2019MyanmarU-18 national teamJuly 2019J-GREEN Sakai
2019MongoliaU-15 Women's national teamJuly 2019Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports ClubHere
2019ChinaU-14 Women's national teamJune - July 2019Sakai city, OsakaHere
2019Northern Marianna IslandsU-23・U-18 national teamJune 2019Matsuyama city, EhimeHere
2019ChinaU-18 Women's national teamMay 2019Gotemba city, ShizuokaHere
2019Chinese TaipeiU-20 Futsal national teamApril 2019Sakai city, OsakaHere
2019SingaporeU-22 national teamMarch 2019Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2019ChinaU-16 Women's national teamJanuary 2019J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018SingaporeNational A teamOctober - November 2018J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018BhutanU-18 national teamSeptember 2018J-VILLAGE / Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports ClubHere
2018VietnamU-16 national teamSeptember 2018Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2018VietnamU-19 national teamAugust - September 2018Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2018LaosU-16 Women's national teamAugust 2018J-GREEN Sakai
2018Northern Marianna IslandsWomen's national teamAugust 2018Seisa Sports ClubHere
2018GuamNational A teamAugust 2018J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018ThailandWomen's national teamJuly 2018J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018Chinese TaipeiU-23 national teamJuly 2018NiigataHere
2018Northern Marianna IslandsNational A teamJuly 2018Seisa Hakone Sengokuhara Sports ClubHere
2018Sri LankaNational A teamJuly 2018Kashima city, Kamisu city, IbarakiHere
2018MongoliaU-16・U-19 Women's national teamJuly 2018Matsushima Football CenterHere
2018TajikistanU-16 national teamJune 2018Kashima city, IbarakiHere
2018ChinaU-15 Women's national teamMay 2018J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018PhilippinesWomen's national teamMarch 2018J-GREEN SakaiHere
2018ChinaFutsal Women’s national teamMarch 2018TokyoHere
2018Hong KongWomen's national teamFebruary - March 2018Gotemba city, ShizuokaHere
2018VietnamFutsal national teamJanuary 2018SUMIDA FUTSAL ARENAHere
2018JordanWomen's national teamJanuary 2018Gotemba, ShizuokaHere
2017MongoliaNational A teamOctober 2017OkinawaHere
2017MyanmarU-19 national teamOctober 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017Brunei DarussalamU-18 national teamAugust - September 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017PhilippinesWomen's national teamAugust 2017Seisa Sports ClubHere
2017Chinese TaipeiWomen's national teamAugust 2017Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2017ThailandWomen's national teamAugust 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017NepalNational A teamAugust 2017Kobe,OsakaHere[1]
2017MyanmarWomen's national teamJuly 2017NiigataHere
2017VietnamFutsal Women’s national teamJuly 2017FFC Higashi KawaguchiHere
2017PhilippinesU-22 national teamJuly 2017Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2017BhutanU-16 national teamJuly 2017Seisa Sports ClubHere
2017ChinaU-14 Women’s national teamJune 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017BangladeshU-16 Women’s national teamJune 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017Northern Mariana IslandsWomen's national teamJune 2017Seisa Sports ClubHere
2017Chinese TaipeiWomen's national teamMay 2017Gotemba, ShizuokaHere
2017BangladeshU-16 Women’s national teamJanuary 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2017ThailandU-16 Women’s national teamJanuary 2017J-GREEN SakaiHere
2016TurkmenistanFutsal national teamNovember 2016Tokyo
2016Northern Mariana IslandsU-17 national teamNovember 2016TokyoHere
2016Chinese TaipeiWomen’s national teamOctober 2016Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2016MongoliaU-14 Women’s national teamAugust 2016Matsushima Football CenterHere
2016MalaysiaU-16 National TeamJune 2016J-GREEN SakaiHere
2016SingaporeU-16 Women’s national teamJune 2016J-GREEN SakaiHere
2016MyanmarWomen’s national teamMay 2016Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2016Chinese TaipeiWomen’s national teamMay 2016Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2016Hong KongWomen’s national teamApril 2016Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2015Chinese TaipeiFutsal national teamNovember 2015Tokyo
2015VietnamWomen’s national teamAugust 2015Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2015GuamNational A teamAugust 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
2015CambodiaU-15 National TeamJuly 2015GRANDE21Here
2015Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, ThailandJapan-Mekong Football Exchange ProgrammeJune 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
2015Chinese TaipeiNational A teamMay - June 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
2015ChinaU-19 national teamMay 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
2015BruneiU-22 national teamMay 2015Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2015SingaporeU-23 national teamMay 2015Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2015Chinese TaipeiWomen’s national teamMay 2015Tokinosumika Sports Center
2015SingaporeU-15 national teamMarch 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
Japan-Central Asia U-15 Football Exchange ProgramMarch 2015J-GREEN SakaiHere
2014CambodiaU-14 AcademyNovember 2014J-GREEN SakaiHere
2014PhilippinesU-22 national teamNovember 2014J-GREEN SakaiHere
2014Chinese TaipeiNational A teamNovember 2014Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2014VietnamNational A teamSeptember 2014J-GREEN SakaiHere
2014BruneiU-20 national teamSeptember 2014Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2014IranU-16 national teamAugust 2014Niigata/Ibaraki 
2014VietnamU-19 national teamJune 2014J-GREEN SakaiHere
2014SingaporeU-15&U16 national teamMay 2014Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2014ThailandWomen’s national teamApril 2014J-GREEN Sakai, Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2014JordanWomen’s national teamFebruary 2014J-GREEN Sakai 
2013VietnamFutsal Women’s national teamNovember 2013TokyoHere
2013MyanmarU-23 national teamNovember2013J-GREEN SakaiHere
2013LaosU-23 national teamOctober 2013J-GREEN SakaiHere
2013MyanmarFutsal Women’s national teamOctober 2013Tokyo Nerima WardHere
2013SingaporeU-14 National teamJuly 2013Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2013MalaysiaNational A teamJuly 2013Numazu 
2013MyanmarWomen’s national teamJune 2013J-GREEN Sakai 
2013Singapore U-16 national teamMay 2013J-GREEN Sakai 
2013SingaporeU-16 national teamMarch 2013Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2013SingaporeU-15 national teamMarch 2013Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2012SingaporeNational A teamNovember2012Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2012MyanmarNational A teamSeptember2012J-GREEN Sakai 
2012MyanmarWomen’s national teamSeptember2012J-GREEN Sakai 
2011IndonesiaFutsal Men’s and Women’s national teamOctober 2011Kobe/ Awaji 
2011PhilippinesU-23national teamOctober 2011Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2011Chinese TaipeiU-18 national teamJuly 2011Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2011PhilippinesNational A teamMarch 2011Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2009VietnamU-16 Women’s national teamNovember2009J-Village 
2009Northern Marianna IslandsWomen’s national teamAugust 2009Chiba 
2009GuamU-19 national teamJune 2009J Village 
2009UzbekistanU-16 national teamJune 2009Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2008SingaporeU-16 national teamSeptember2008Tokinosumika Sports Center 
2008UzbekistanU-19 national teamSeptember2008Jstep 
2007VietnamWomen’s national teamNovember2007J-Village 
2007GuamU-18 national teamJuly 2007J-Village 
2006VietnamNational A teamSeptember2006J-Village 
2005MyanmarU-23 national teamNovember2005J-Village 
2005UzbekistanU-17 national teamSeptember2005J-Village 
2005GuamU-16 national teamJuly 2005J-Village 
2005USAU-16 women’s national teamMay 2005J-Village 
2004Chinese TaipeiFutsal national teamAugust 2004Chiba 
2004IraqU-18 national teamJuly 2004Niigata/ Shizuoka/ Tokyo 
2004GuamU-18 national teamJune 2004J-Village 
2003VietnamWomen’s national teamOctober2003J-Step 
2003Guam National A teamMay 2003J-Village 
2002MalaysiaU-20 national teamMay 2002-- 
2001Guam U-16 national teamOctober2001J-Village 
2001SingaporeU-23 national teamMay 2001J-Step 
Teams invited as of March 2023
  • by Year:
  • Country/area:
Year Country/ area Team Acceptance period Camp Report
2023Bhutan3 coaches+International Exchange coachMarch 2023J-VILLAGE / Prince Takamado Memorial JFA YUME FieldHere
2019Malaysia3 U-17 national team players+Academy coachOctober 2019JFA Academy Fukushima, FC Tokyo
2019Malaysia4 U-17 national team players+coachSeptember 2019J-GREEN Sakai, Cerezo Osaka U-18
2019Cambodia3 National A team players・U-18players+Academy coachSeptember 2019Vegalta Sendai
2018Cambodia3 U-19players+Academy coachSeptember - October 2018Vegalta SendaiHere
2017MaldivesWomen’s national team coach, Assistant coachSeptember - October 2017JFA, INAC KOBE LEONESSA, CEREZO OSAKA SAKAI LADIES, JFA Academy Sakai U-15, etc.
5 Youth coachesSeptember - October 2017JFA Academy Fukushima, Omiya ArdijaHere
2014IndiaCoach (AFC Pro Diploma Overseas Course)May 2014J-GREEN Sakai, Tokinosumika Sports CenterHere
2013Laos13 U-13players+2 coachesJune 2013JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki 
2013Laos12 U-14 players+3 coachesJune 2013JFA Academy Fukushima(Gotemba) 
2012MaldiveseU-23players+coachSeptember-October2012JEF UTD Ichihara・Chiba, Cerezo Osaka, JFA Academy 
2011Macau4 U-18 playersAugust 2011JEF UTD Ichihara・Chiba, JFA Academy 
2011Afghanistan3 coachesMarch 2011JFA Academy Fukushima 
2009Guam2 U-13 playersDecember 2009JFA Academy Fukushima 
2007MacauGK coachApril 2007Sanfrecce Hiroshima others 
2006Chinese Taipei2 playersOctober 2006Yokohama F.Marinos 
2005NepalU-13 playerJuly 2005Urawa Reds 
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values