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U-20 Brunei National Team has a soccer camping in Gotemba

10 October 2014

U-20 Brunei National Team has a soccer camping in Gotemba

U-20 Brunei National Team had a training camp in Tokinosumika, Gotemba city, Shizuoka. This training camp was held as a project of cultural exchange with ASEAN countries sponsored by the Asia Center of the Japan Foundation.
The Asia Center of the Japan Foundation made cooperation with many associations including JFA for organizing various cultural exchange events between Japan and Asian countries with a slogan of "WA Project -Toward Interactive Asia through "Fusion and Harmony"-".

Brunei is the small country located in the center of southeastern Asia, whose land is equivalent to Mie prefecture and population is equivalent to that of Toyohashi city, Aichi prefecture. The country has a strong passion in soccer.
U-20 Brunei National Team is aiming to be the top of southeastern Asian soccer with their play style of "persistent protections and first attacks", meaning compact and firm defence and utilizing their speed from the front line to close to the opponent's goal.

The team made three training matches during this camp and Brunei players learnt a lot of lessons and outcomes from Japanese soccer they experienced for the first time. They also spent their free time to go to watch J.League matches as well as experience Japanese culture in Hakone and Mt. Fuji.


9/23  vs Shizuoka University 0-5(1st 0-2、2nd 0-3) 45×2
9/28  vs Tokai University 0-2(1st 0-0、2nd 0-2) 45×2
10/2  vs Kato Gakuen High School 0-3(1st 0-0、2nd 0-3) 45×2


Stephen Ng Heng Seng (Technical director, the Brunei assosiation)
It was an excellent 2-week camp. Everything including an accommodation, a pitch and training matches was the best in quality. It must be a valuable experience for young generation to participate in the camp in Japan. We could learn a lot here, as the level of Japanese soccer was very high. We want to use this experience to grow, making daily efforts to progress greatly. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for supports from JFA and other many involved people.

Awang Ah Chua bin Bangau (Team manager)
All what I want to express is our appreciation. We received extreme kindness and wonderful hospitality from Japanese people. Everything I saw was so fresh that I could spend very exiting 2 weeks. By touching on another culture, we could broaden our way of thinking as well as our soccer style. I believe we must grow to reward people supporting us. I hope to have a match with the Japan National Team in the international stage in the future.

Md Khairil Shame b Suhaimi (Team captain) 
I could be matured personally and as a team through this camp. The match with Japan taught us what the Asian top soccer was and points we need to improve. We will try to take a next step on this experience. All people gave us supports are so gentle above everything else. We appreciate such kind of great experiences thanks to contributions of many people.

Mohd Adri b Abdul Kahar
I was a little bit nervous before coming to Japan but I soon realized I didn't need to. The weather was so comfortable to spend and foods were very delicious. What brought us the biggest impact for me was the fact how high the level of Japanese soccer was. Japan was superior to us in various aspects such as techniques, strategies as well as a physical strength. This 2-week camp will remain unforgettable experience for us. I would like to extend my appreciation to Japanese people from my heart.

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