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Introducing Referees

Professional Referees

Japan Football Association (JFA) has implemented “Professional Referee System” in order for the top-level referees to fully concentrate on refereeing. Professional Referees (PR) will strive to improve their level of refereeing at the same time contribute to the refereeing in Japan as a whole by giving lectures and participating in other instructional activities across the nation. Currently, 10 referees and 3 assistant referees have contract as Professional Referees (PR) with the JFA.

  • MURAKAMI Nobutsugu

    MURAKAMI Nobutsugu

    Date of birth:
    11 May 1969
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • NISHIMURA Yuichi

    NISHIMURA Yuichi

    Date of birth:
    17 April 1972
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • MATSUO Hajime

    MATSUO Hajime

    Date of birth:
    26 September 1972
    Birthplace:Hyogo Pref.

  • IEMOTO Masaaki

    IEMOTO Masaaki

    Date of birth:
    2 June 1973
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • TOJO Minoru

    TOJO Minoru

    Date of birht:
    30 August 1976
    Birthplace:Saitama Pref.

  • SATO Ryuji

    SATO Ryuji

    Date of birth:
    16 April 1977
    Birthplace:Aichi Pref.

  • IIDA Junpei

    IIDA Junpei

    Date of birth:
    14 August 1981
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • KIMURA Hiroyuki

    KIMURA Hiroyuki

    Date of birth:
    30 January 1982
    Birthplace:Hokkaido Pref.

  • YAMAMOTO Yudai

    YAMAMOTO Yudai

    Date of birth:
    4 March 1983
    Birthplace:Kyoto Pref.

  • ARAKI Yusuke

    ARAKI Yusuke

    Date of birth:
    2 May 1986
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

Assistant referees
  • YAGI Akane

    YAGI Akane

    Date of birth:
    14 January 1974
    Birthplace:Osaka Pref.

  • YAMAUCHI Hiroshi

    YAMAUCHI Hiroshi

    Date of birth:
    20 January 1979
    Birthplace:Ehime Pref.

  • Takagi Takumi

    Takagi Takumi

    Date of birth:9 January 1982
    Birthplace:Kanagawa Pref.



The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values