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Participation to the national environmental project to prevent global warming,“Challenge 25 campaign”.

Since June 2005, Japan Football Association has been participating to the national movement for the prevention of global warming “Team -6%” and has performed various environmental activities. This activity has become “Challenge 25 Campaign” in 14th January 2010, but JFA continues to adhere to this aim and is going to promote this campaign. National environmental project to prevent global warming “Team -6%” has become “Challenge 25 Campaign”, a movement towards more CO² reduction. It proposes concrete actions aimed at reducing CO2 that can be easily be practiced in offices and homes and exhort people to practice these actions.

Japan has established the goal of reducing 25% of greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2020. As concrete actions has established 6 challenges (25 actions) for the reduction of CO2:(1)Choose an ecological lifestyle (2)buy energy-saving products (3)choose natural energy (4)construct ecological buildings, houses(5)support activities for the reduction of CO2 (6)participate to local activities for the prevention of global warming. JFA and J-League are continuing to promote initiatives such as establishing more grounds of grass, promoting the prevention of idling of national team’s and J-Clubs’ buses and cars, and they are inviting 47 prefectural football associations, federations, organisations, all the football family to perform these actions. They also continuing to PR the prevention of global warming and environmental protection through international tournaments and JFA/J-League’s main games and public information mediums.

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