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Chinese Taipei National Team hold training camp in Gotenba

21 November 2014

Chinese Taipei National Team hold training camp in Gotenba

In preparation for the East Asian Cup qualifiers, Chinese Taipei National Team held the seven-day training camp in Gotenba, Shizuoka from 4 to 10 November. Kuei-Jen Chen, former Chinese Taipei Power Company player, leads the national team. The team, consisting mainly of young players born in late 80’s and early 90’s, play on various speedy styles. Players with no precious overseas experience gained a lot of assignments and fruitful findings in the three training matches during their camp. Chinese Taipei will play the East Asian Cup qualifiers with the new experience they gained in this camp.

Thursday 6 November vs Shimizu S-pulse Youth 0-2 (1st 0-1, 2nd 0-1) *two 45-minute halves 
Friday 7 November vs Sangyo Noritsu University 2-3 (1st 1-1, 2nd 1-2) *two 45-minute halves 
Sunday 9 November vs Shizuoka University 3-1 (1st 3-0, 2nd 0-1) *two 45-minute halves 

Note: Chinese Taipei Power Company (Taiwan Power Company F.C.) is a top contender of the domestic league as they have currently led the league and won four domestic titles.


Kuei-Jen Chen, Head Coach
It was a short period, just a week, but the well-organised schedule and the hospitality in our accommodation greatly helped our players concentrate on the camp. After we had three matches against young Japanese teams, we learned a lot of things such as to work hard at any cost, to greet and behave in a proper manner and to work together as a team throughout a game. I could play our young players, and the camp must have been very meaningful for them in the sense that they could motivate each other.

Meng-Chian Lee, Captain
We have hard time playing football in Chinese Taipei, and when I was young, chasing the football dream was a very tough road. We hardly have match experiences overseas. I believe the East Asian Cup will be the finale of my football career. Playing against young Japanese players reminded me of my youth. Japan is a developed country, and various areas in football are also advanced. I am very envious that young Japanese can play football in a good environment. I need to convey all knowledge and experience I’ve got to young generation.

Ching-Jen Fang, Coach
It was great that our opponents were selected properly in stages and the facility was very good such as the well-conditioned pitch. I was shocked at how high the Japanese football level was. We gave our players an opportunity through the camp to improve not only individual skills and tactics but also mind-set to put up with the pressure. They could take advantage of this experience for their further development through the camp, so we could get well-prepared for the qualifiers.

Po-Liang Chen, Player
I play in the Super League in China, but anyway I was impressed at Japanese football as a whole. Chinese Taipei National Team still do not have enough international experiences and need to promote more development of young players. This camp was a good chance to let them have a good experience. As well as each player could polish his individual skills and mental side, our team’s style in a game was getting established as the camp went on. That’s the target we were heading for in the camp. This camp was the preparation for the East Asian Cup qualifiers. But it was the most fruitful that players could recognise that this camp is designed for the further future as well.

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