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DREAM Dreams make you stronger

Action Plan 2015

In order to realize its principle of “Creating a rich sports culture and contributing to the healthy development of people in body and mind and to the development of society”, “JFA Declaration 2005” is expressing its visions for the diffusion and the strengthening of football and for contribution to international goodwill and it is expressing a medium-term target for 2015 and a long-term target for 2050.

サッカーを愛する仲間=サッカーファミリー が500万人になるために
サッカーを愛する仲間=サッカーファミリー が500万人になるために
1.Expansion of the football family
1)Players (Teams / Players Kids Futsal): 3million
Always keeping in mind “Players First!” , we will provide to each category appropriate and fulfilling matches and tournaments ( league matches etc.)
We will actively organise and provide festivals / events for people who have never played football and make them feel the fun and the happiness of playing football.
We will promote the establishment of teams/ clubs in all regions. We will ensure and maintain the facilities of the regions and we will try to develop not only team/club’s coaches but also club ( sports) managers.
We will provide to players attractive tournaments/ matches/ festivals and make them feel the joy of playing football and we will create an appropriate environment in order to make the players realize the merits of being JFA members.
2)Coaches : 150,000
We will develop many high quality instructors for coaches, we will organise in all regions/ prefectures lectures that are fulfilling in quality, quantity and variety and we will try to develop as many coaches as possible.
We will try to improve the quality of the coaches and by improving their environment, we will try to raise their ambition and status
We will try to provide more opportunities to coach to qualified people and more information to coaches, through the Coach Square page ( search system for coaches and teams) in JFA Members’ Site and the booklet Technical News.
3)Referees : 30,000
We will develop many high quality instructors for referees, we will organise in all regions/ prefectures lectures that are fulfilling in quality, quantity and variety and we will try to develop many referees, from youth referees to international referees.
We will try to make people understand the significance and the importance of referees in football, we will try to raise the status of referees and we will create an environment in which referees can feel the happiness of refereeing.
We will create an efficient system for the management and the assignment of referees in order to respond to the necessity of many matches and tournaments. We will evaluate the introduction of Referees’ Square page in the website and we will create a system that allows referees to participate easily to the matches.
4)Management staff / officers of the association: 50,000
We will organize attractive tournaments which may raise the status and the consciousness of contributing to Japanese Football from the point of view of management.
We will create a system that would permit an active interchange between related people and that would develop the spirit of volunteer and local contribution
5)Fans : 150,000
JIn cooperation with J-League/ J-Clubs, we will create a system that will allow us to be linked with each J-Club Supporters (Fans)Club members.
2.Enhancement of the “JFA Membership System”
1)Providing as many merits as possible
We will provide to all Football Family Members the joy of “playing, seeing, supporting, talking about” football.
We will provide useful information about football and we will create a system that allows an active exchange and share of information between members.
We will evaluate the provision of the rights of the purchase of the tickets of the matches organised by JFA, the participation and the provision of information regarding ceremonies related to JFA/ events related to Japan National Team and we will provide merits    to people who are enjoying football.
We will recognize that the most important thing is that the Japan National Team should always be strong and play matches at a high level. We will try
improve the access and the comfort of stadiums and we will provide enjoyable and attractive matches and entertaining contents .
We will organize various programmes for fans and supporters in order to make their status and consciousness of taking part to the support of Japan National team and JFA raise and to make them feel the fun of cheering Japanese Football.
2)Establishment of the system
We will develop a system that accessible for football family members and easy to manage for prefectural associations and JFA, a system that permits to link directly football family members and prefectural associations/ JFA.
We will create an attractive “JFA Membership System” taking into account the characteristic of each category, by an effective use of the JFA Members’ Site
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values