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Endorsed International Players

This programme ended in 2021.

Endorsed International Players System for Nadeshiko Japan

The Endorsed International Players System allows players, who have the potential to lead the Nadeshiko Japan in future tournaments, to experience high-standard trainings and matches at top international clubs to improve their individual skills. The system will provide financial support to allow the players to place themselves in challenging environments in Europe and the United States. By allowing the players to compete against opponents with greater physical strengths on a daily basis, the system aims to develop players who can lead the Nadeshiko Japan to future titles at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 and Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.


  • 1) The player must have the potential to lead the team at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 and Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.
  • 2) The player must be selected into the Nadeshiko Japan after January 2019 or a categorised national team after January 2018.
  • 3) As a general rule, the player must belong to a club in the top leagues of the following countries:
    -The United States (NWSL)
    -Other countries, which rank 8th or higher
  • *Training environment and medical support will be considered.

Please contact jfa_jyoshi@jfa.or.jp for more details.

Approved players

横山 久美
横山 久美


 Washington Spirit (Women's United Soccer Association)
Birthday:13 August 1993
Games played(International A match):
 43 games, 17 goals(as of 20 February 2020)
 2020/2021 season (From the start to the end of the contract period)
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