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S-Licence Coaching Course 2020 Module 2/Short-course (2) Participant's Report Vol. 5

06 October 2020

S-Licence Coaching Course 2020 Module 2/Short-course (2) Participant's Report Vol. 5

The first module of S-Licence Coaching Course has concluded, and the second module has started with a short-course held between Wednesday 28 September and Monday 2 October.

To ensure everyone’s safety, SmartAmp tests were conducted to the participants ahead of the course. Through the five day course, participants were instructed to keep a social distance between each other, as coaching and review sessions were conducted during the day, while groupworks were held at night.

Module2 Short-course②

Duration: Mon. 28 September - Fri. 2 October

Mon. 28 September Guidance, Coaching session, review, groupwork
Tue. 29 September Coaching session, review, groupwork
Wed. 30 September Coaching session, review, groupwork
Thu. 1 October Coaching session, review, groupwork
Fri. 2 October Coaching session, review, guidance

Next week we will share the report of Mr. KOBAYASHI Yoshiyuki.


KURAISHI Keiji, Coach (Tegevajaro Miyazaki)
Following the conclusion of Module1 (Short course and online lecture sessions), Module2 kicked off with a short course held between 28 September and 2 October. As usual, the course started by making sure everyone tested negative for COVID-19, before heading into course guidance and coaching session at the YUME Field. We were able to conduct our coaching sessions at a wonderful facility where the players of Meikai University helped us carry out the training menus. At the coaching sessions, we formed a coaching team with four participants, each taking a role of the head coach, assistant coach, GK coach, and physical coach. The training menus were constructed based on the theme of facing a 1-3-4-3 system and we focused on monitoring the ream relationship, coaching balance, squad selection, power balance, coaching techniques, and team organisation. Following the coaching sessions, we held group discussions to improve on each session, as we actively shared our opinions to make the most of this learning experience.

During the five day course, we stayed late at night to review and plan ahead for the training sessions and heated discussions were also held every night. Through these activities, we were able to strengthen our bond between the participants, as we conversed not only regarding football, but our personal lives and hobbies. The time spent at this course has been priceless for me. I personally have focused on the theme, “improving the offence against retreating defence,” but through the discussions and feedbacks provided by my fellow coaching mates and instructors, I was able to deepen my understanding, improve my planning skills, and learn the importance to design a training session based on a theme. I was also given the opportunity to learn where I currently stand in terms of my coaching career.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to conduct our course at this wonderful facility at YUME Field. I would also like to thank the instructors and the players of Meikai University for helping us conduct the training sessions. We will continue to work with great passion and enthusiasm, so we thank you for your continued support.

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