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Environmental arrangements for matches

Tournaments train players and coaches

Creation of league tournaments, establishment and fixation of league tournaments' culture

- Creation of league tournaments in accordance with players abilities in long-terms.
- Development of players through M-T-M (Match - Training - Match), trainings and games. Challenging to issues. Improvement of coaches' skills ( analysis, planning, training etc.).
- Challenging to risks
- Long-term motivation
- Mentality
- Establishment of a schedule calendar
- Simplification of the management system

Considering that tournaments greatly influence players' development, league matches are very important. At present, in each regions efforts are made in order to create league tournaments in accordance with players' abilities in long terms. It means that players can keep their motivation for a long time, also after loosing at first match. Through M-T-M, coaches are able to verify in matches the outcomes of daily trainings and to challenge to the next match after analyzing the results. In this cycle coaches try to overcome issues and working on each issue, they are gaining experiences. By repeating this cycle of analyzing, planning and training, not only players, but also coaches are improving their skills. With this cycle, chances of playing match are continuously provided, so that players, instead of avoiding risks in order to pursue a momentary victory, have the possibility to challenge to risks with the purpose of overcoming issues. This is one of the main reason why league tournaments are promoted. If further chances are not provided after a defeat, issues and reflection on the lost match are forgotten and so it become difficult for players to gain experience. So it is necessary to create and establish long-term league tournaments.
Another important point is the establishment of league tournaments "according to players' abilities". Actually, it is difficult to find issues and results in matches easily won by a large margin of goals, and also from the point of view of players development easy matches have no meaning. The most important and useful thing in players development, is to create a pyramid system with not only top teams, but also teams of second and third categories, and to create an environment where teams equally matched in ability can compete many times and where everyone can gain football experience according to his ability. It is important to create an environment where many teams can participate to tournaments and where every players of every teams can gain useful experiences. League tournament is not only a place where players are strengthened, but also has a great significance as a place where players are provided the occasion to play the same number of matches. By continuing winning or loosing, continuing training and playing matches will improve techniques, tactics and mental front of players. For the creation of league tournaments, there are many physical burdens and obstacles, but we believe it is possible to overcome all these difficulties by making efforts such as simplifying the management system. Heavy schedules are often pointed out as an issue, but by evaluating a drastic reform of the actual calendar, the elimination and the integration of some matches, an effective combination of league tournaments and cup tournaments, there will be a possibility. We believe that by effectively organising the annual schedule, large blanks during transition will be avoided and it will be possible to play football with continuity.

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