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International Exchange/Social Action Programmes in Asia

Receiving associations and leagues

In order to contributes to the improvement of football level of each country, JFA is organising activities such acceptance of people related with foreign football associations and leagues, organisation of seminars regarding JFA’s diffusion ・development・coaches development system and J-League’s management of professional league, coordination of visits to J-clubs and inspections of matches.

Accepted training / inspection groups
Countries / area groups Period
Inspection / research
India AFC Professional Football Diploma Coaching Course Audience June - July 2023
JFA/J-League/F.C. Tokyo/Kashiwa Reysol
Vietnam AFC Professional Football Diploma Coaching Course Audience August - September 2022
JFA/J-League/Shonan Bellmare/Kawasaki Frontale/Tokyo Verdy/Yokohama FC
Malaysia AFC Professional Football Diploma Coaching Course Audience October 2019
Omiya Ardija/Cerezo Osaka/Japan National Team vs Mongolia National Team @Saitama Stadium
Thailand AFC Professional Football Diploma Coaching Course Audience June - July 2019
Yokohama F Marinos/Urawa Reds/Ajinomoto National Training Center/Japan High Performance Sport Center/JFA/Tokinosumika
Maldives AFC Official Coaches February 2019
JFA/J-League/JFA Academy Fukushima/Kashiwa Reysol Academy/JFA UNIQLO Soccer Kids
Chinese Taipei Delegation of the Taiwan Sports Administration August 2018
JFA/Football Future Programme 2018 Central Japan/Tokoha University Tachibana Junior High School, High School/Inter High School Sports Festival (Women's Football)
Iran Chairman of Education Committee March 2018
JFA/J-Club/Refresher Training Course
Uzbekistan Professional Football League Officials March 2018
JFA/J-Club/U-14 Training Camp/FC Tokyo Academy/ACL Game
Korea The Vice President of Korea Football Association, K. League managing staff September 2017
JFA/J-Club/JFL(AC Nagano Parceiro , SC Sagamihara)/Japan Football Museum
Chinese Taipei Youth Development Supervisor, Youth Development Coaches July-August 2016
JFA/J-Club(Kawsaki Frontale, Ventforet Kofu)/Yamanashi Gakuin University Football Club/JFA Football Future Programme@Tokinosumika
Thailand The President of the Thailand Football Association, Chairman of the Technical Committee, National Football Team Coaches August 2016
JFA/J-Club(Kawsaki Frontale)/U-19 Japan National Football Team/2016 SBS CUP International Youth Soccer@Fujieda Sports Complex Park
Iran Academy Director April 2016
JFA/J-Club(Kawsaki Frontale)
China Association's Management Team, Grass-Roots Staff March 2016
England Association teaching Officer March 2016
Qatar Chairman of the Technical Committee January 2016
JFA/The 94th All Japan High School Soccer Tournament
Korea Association executives and General Secretary of Korea Regional Football Associations December 2015
JFA/Tokyo Football Association
South Sudan The President of the South Sudan Football Association, The Vice President of the South Sudan National Olympic Committee November 2015
Hong Kong Association's Management Team, Marketing Staff August 2015
JFA/J-League Office/Saitama Stadium 2002
Chinese Taipei Youth Development Supervisor, Youth Development Coaches July-August 2015
Todoroki Stadium/J-Club(Kawsaki Frontale)/Ajinomoto Stadium/JFA Football Future Programme@Tokinosumika
Singapore Association's Management Team, Grass-Roots Staff May-June 2015
JFA/UNIQLO Soccer Kids@Kashima Stadium/J-Club(Kashima Antlers)/JFA Academy
Malaysia National Coaching Staff May 2015
JFA/J-GREEN Sakai/Japan National Team/S Class training courses
Kyrgyzstan Association's Management Team, Marketing Staff May 2015
JFA/TV Stations/Ajinomoto Stadium
China Coaches Training Director November-December 2014
JFA (Seminar of respective categories, Seminar for youth director in 47 FAs)
China Youth Development Director November-December 2014
JFA/J-Club(Shimizu S-Pulse、Jubilo Iwata、Cerezo Osaka、Gamba Osaka)/JFA Academy
China Professional League Persons Concerned September-October 2014
JFA/J-League/J-Club(Kawsaki Frontale、Yokohama F Marions、Urawa Reds)
China Association Staff for Grass-roots August-September 2014
JFA/FIFA Grassroots Seminar@Mie/J-Club (Yokohama F Marions、F.C. Tokyo)
China Association Staff for Womens August 2014
JFA/Nadeshiko League/JFA Academy
UAE FA Referee/RI August 2014
U22 University Competition(Nanao City,Ishikawa Prefecture)
Thailand University Student Group July 2014
India football association May 2014
UAE FA Marketing May 2014
Qatar professional league March 2014
Jordan football association January 2014
JFA/F League/Development of Futsal Coach
Chinese Taipei Youth coaches December 2013
JFA/J-Club/Emperor's Cup/All Japan High School Soccer Tournament/
Vermount Cup The 23th All Japan U-12 Futsal Championship/Meeting with Tokyo FA (Class 4): Inquiry on the situation of Boys & Girls/F League
Chinese Taipei
*Interchange Association Japan
Youth coaches December 2012
JFA/J-Club/The Emperor’s Cup/Japan High School Football Tournament
Tajikistan football association October 2012
JFA/J-League/F League/J-Club
Singapore Sports Council October 2012
Myanmar football association/professional league September 2012
Vietnam professional league July 2012
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches
China Junior High school/ High school teachers April 2012
JFA/J-Club/J-League Matches/junior high school・high school /elementary school league
Thailand football association/professional league January 2012
Malaysia football association/professional league December 2011
JFA/J-League/J-Club/JFA Academy
Chinese Taipei football association December 2011
Same as above (Inspection with Malaysian association)
China football association/Sports General administration October 2011
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches/Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology(visit)
India professional league September 2011
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches
Chinese Taipei football association technical division May 2011
JFA Academy /Chibilympics
Myanmar professional league August 2010
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches/JFA Academy
Saudi Arabia professional league July 2010
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches
Thailand football association/Ministry of Sports March 2009
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches
Thailand Tourism・Sports standing committee September 2009
China football association/ministry of sports August 2009
JFA/J-League/J-Club/J-League Matches
Korea Republic football association April 2009
Chinese Taipei football association April 2009
JFA/J-League/J-League Matches
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values