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Introducing Referees

Professional Referees

Japan Football Association (JFA) has implemented “Professional Referee System” in order for the top-level referees to fully concentrate on refereeing. Professional Referees (PR) will strive to improve their level of refereeing at the same time contribute to the refereeing in Japan as a whole by giving lectures and participating in other instructional activities across the nation. Currently, 10 referees and 4 assistant referees have contract as Professional Referees (PR) with the JFA.

  • MURAKAMI Nobutsugu

    MURAKAMI Nobutsugu

    Date of birth:
    11 May 1969
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • NISHIMURA Yuichi

    NISHIMURA Yuichi

    Date of birth:
    17 April 1972
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • MATSUO Hajime

    MATSUO Hajime

    Date of birth:
    26 September 1972
    Birthplace:Hyogo Pref.

  • IEMOTO Masaaki

    IEMOTO Masaaki

    Date of birth:
    2 June 1973
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • TOJO Minoru

    TOJO Minoru

    Date of birht:
    30 August 1976
    Birthplace:Saitama Pref.

  • SATO Ryuji

    SATO Ryuji

    Date of birth:
    16 April 1977
    Birthplace:Aichi Pref.

  • IIDA Junpei

    IIDA Junpei

    Date of birth:
    14 August 1981
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

  • KIMURA Hiroyuki

    KIMURA Hiroyuki

    Date of birth:
    30 January 1982
    Birthplace:Hokkaido Pref.

  • YAMAMOTO Yudai

    YAMAMOTO Yudai

    Date of birth:
    4 March 1983
    Birthplace:Kyoto Pref.

  • ARAKI Yusuke

    ARAKI Yusuke

    Date of birth:
    2 May 1986
    Birthplace:Tokyo Pref.

Assistant referees
  • YAGI Akane

    YAGI Akane

    Date of birth:
    14 January 1974
    Birthplace:Osaka Pref.

  • SAGARA Toru

    SAGARA Toru

    Date of birth:
    25 June 1976
    Birthplace:Tochigi Pref.

  • YAMAUCHI Hiroshi

    YAMAUCHI Hiroshi

    Date of birth:
    20 January 1979
    Birthplace:Ehime Pref.

  • Takagi Takumi

    Takagi Takumi

    Date of birth:9 January 1982
    Birthplace:Kanagawa Pref.

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