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Grassroots means "of or involving the common people". Grassroots football is involving everyone. It is thought that, excepting elite football, everyone has the possibility to be involved and to play anywhere. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) states that "Grassroots football is for all people of all age, gender, size, figure, level, country, religion, race" and using its name, expresses this concept as "Football Is For All". Without Grassroots, the strengthening of national teams will not be possible. Grassroots supports top level football and it constitutes the thickness of the football culture. Grassroots is treasured all over the world and a systematic projects are being started in many countries.
Also in Japan, projects for the enrichment of grassroots, like development of U-12 Football, projects for kids, families, seniors etc. are being leaded.

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