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JFA organises Licensed Coaches Training Courses for people who are interested in football coaching, according to their level. "Kids Leader Training Course" in which are taught in enjoyable manners the methods for coaching children under 10 (Ball playing and body making), and " Class C ( Class D) Coaches Training Courses" in which are taught the methods of coaching players under12, are organized all over the country.
People who pass these training courses and who are registered at JFA, can access to various services such as the subscription to "Technical News" (a bimonthly booklet where are carried JFA's initiatives and various events' reports ), the perusal of JFA Commons' (a web service for Football Family members) services only for registered coaches and the possibility to participate to refresher training courses. We are looking forward to meet you at the training courses.

1960 German coach, Dettmar Cramer comes to Japan for the first time and coaches the Japan National Team.
1969 FIFA Coaching School is held at Kemigawa Ground, Chiba. 42 coaches from 13 Asian countries ( 12 Japanese coaches) participates to this course.
1970 The 1st edition of coaching school is held.
1971 The development of "Official leaders" is started.
1977 Japan Sports Association creates the Official Sports Coach System ( old system). According to this system, JFA creates the scheme 「Leader → Coach →Senior coach」
1987 Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (at that time) starts the 「Social sports instructor qualification system」
1988 With the creation of 「Social sports instructor qualification system」, Japan Sports Association reforms the Official Sports Coach System and starts a new system. In accordance with this new system, JFA creates the scheme「Official Class C Coach →Official Class B Coach → Official Class A Coach」.
1991 In order to compensate the lack of coaches at prefectural level and in order to enhance the coaching to boys and girls, JFA creates its own qualification for 「Official associate instructor(the actual Official Class C instructor)」 and starts training courses.
1992 JFA creates its own license for 「Official Class S Coach」 for professional teams and players.
1994 JFA starts the 「Official associate instructor 5 years project」 with the aim of 「Training 9,000 official associate instructors」.
1996 With the aim of 「Official Class S Coach training course」's enhancement , JFA creates, in cooperation with J-League, 「Contribution course 」 at University of Tsukuba graduate course (? from 2000).
1997 With the aim of assure the quantity and the quality of football coaches, JFA creates its own license of 「Official juvenile football coach ( the actual Class D Coach)」
1998 The instructor system is started. The development of lecturer (JFA Coach training instructor )of 「Official Class B coach training class(at that time)」「Official Class C Coach training course(at that time)」 is started.
2000 The development of 「Official Juvenile Football Coach training course (at that time)」「Official Associate Coach Training course(at that time)」's lecturers(JFA associate coach instructors) is started.
2001 Official Coach Workshop( Refresher training course) is divided in two courses : the course held by JFA (for Official Class S coaches) and the course held by each prefecture (for Official Class A・B・C Coaches / Class C Local sports instructors / Official Associate coaches).
2002 「JFA Associate coach instructor training course」 for the development of JFA Associate instructors and 「JFA Associate instructors refresher training course 」for the improvement of associate instructors' level are held.
2004 JFA implements significant reforms such as the creation of 「JFA Official Coaches registration system」. JFA coaches' licenses are reorganised, development program of kid's leader and official goal-keeper coaches are started, point system is introduced in refresher training course.
2005 「Official Class A/B Coach ・Refresher training course」 which lecturers are JFA National training center's coaches, are held in 9 regions, 「Official Class C Coach・ Refresher training course」, which lecturers are 47 FA Chief instructors, are held in 47 Prefectures.
2006 JFA Official Kid's Leader optional registration is started.
2007 Class A Coach U-12 Training courses are held. Class B Common E Learning is introduced.
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values