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Japan women’s national futsal team match against Brazil women’s national futsal team in the Women's Futsal World Tournament

14 December 2014

Japan women’s national futsal team match against Brazil women’s national futsal team in the Women's Futsal World Tournament

The 5th Women's Futsal World Tournament
Fri. 12 December 2014  Kick Off 18:00    Playing Time 20minutes
Palacio de los Deportes (Costa Rica/San Jose)

Futsal Japan Women's National Team   0-6 (1st 0-5、2nd 0-1)   Futsal Brazil Women's National Team

2min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)
2min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)
12min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)
18min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)
19min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)
38min Goal Against(Futsal Brazil Women's National Team)



Match Report

Japan women’s national futsal team played their third game of the fifth Women’s Futsal Tournament against Brazil.
The match kicked off at 18:00. Japan started the game with Yamamoto Ayaka, Haruyama Ai, Sekinada Minako, Nakajima Shiori, and Hotta Eriko. After two minutes, at the beginning of the match, Japan let the opponent dribble up and strike an early opener. Then just 20 seconds after that, Brazil got a splendid goal from in front of the goal, stretching their lead. In the 11th minute, Nakajima stole the ball and passed it to Haruyama, who ran up through the right wing and slid towards the goal, clashing with the goalkeeper. Unfortunately, Nakajima could not get a foot on the ball. Then after 12 minutes, 18 minutes, and 19 minutes, Japan conceded consecutive goals. The game went into the second half at 5−0 to Brazil.
In the 23rd minute, Koide Natsumi, who intercepted the opponent’s pass, dribbled up and passed the ball to Sekinada on the right, but she could not get hold of it. Although Japan was eager to score a goal against Brazil, who have won four straight championships, the players just could not finish their shots. After 38 minutes, Brazil scored once more. Brazil won the game 6-0.
Many people including pupils, who learn Japanese culture at the local school, came to support Japan and encouraged the players. Japan, who is now sitting in third place in the group, will play the fifth-place match against Guatemala on 14 December.


ARIHARA Masaaki, Head Coach
We experienced a match, in which the opponent overpowered us in every aspect despite the fact we clung onto a hope of victory. The result came simply from the level difference. I think the players learned to find out when to run, when to stop and when to relax in the balance between the opponent and the ball, which was the biggest achievement today. Brazil players could communicate via the ball not only with their teammates, but also with the opponents. Playing against Brazil was a great experience, which will be a great asset for Japanese futsal, including Japan women’s futsal. You cannot just say the difference between the world champion and us is at a mental and technical level, by watching a part of the match. Each national team has its own background, influenced by its football culture and environment. I was impressed that clearly Brazil’s players all had the brain for playing futsal. I’d like to work harder on how to increase the concentration, the cautiousness, the realisation, the information handling, and controlling emotions during playing futsal.

YAMAMOTO Ayaka(Futsal Club VALE Neyagawa Ladies)
We knew the match against Brazil would decide whether we could get through the group stage or not. There was a great atmosphere in our team and we looked forward to seeing how our futsal would work against Brazil. So we faced the match with smiles.
However, the world champion Brazil was extremely strong. I felt the kind of pressure, which I never felt before, the speed, the changing sides, and the shots. We conceded goals consecutively. We never gave up. We tried to score a goal as a team, but Brazil stretched their lead. I regret I gave away an opportunity for the opponent to score because of a lack of composure. As we’ll play another match, I’d like to refresh my mind and get myself ready for it.
I heard a lot of cheering of supporters from Japan, pupils and staff from the local Japanese School, and people from the embassy, which made me very happy. I’d like to get a good result in order to share the happiness with my teammates, staff, and all the supporters.

SAKATA Mutsumi (SWH Ladies Futsal Club)
We were totally defeated by Brazil today. In every single aspect, Brazil was much better than us. Of course, I felt frustrated, but I just saw the huge level difference between them and us. I enjoyed the match a lot, being overwhelmed by their faultless skills, speed, and ideas.
Many supporters from Japan and people from the local Japanese school came to support us today. So despite the fact the match was in Costa Rica, far away from Japan, I felt like it was a home game, which gave me a lot of energy.
I’m grateful to all the supporters, but at the same time I realised our lack of expertise and felt really frustrated, as I couldn’t get a good result for them.
I’d like to work hard to improve myself, so that I can come back here for a great game against a great team again.
We’ll play the fifth-place match. I’d like to play as a united team to win the game, so that we can finish our tournament with smiles on our faces.


Sat. 6 December AM/PM Training
Sun.7 December AM/PM Training
Mon.8 December AM/PM Training
Tue.9 December AM/PM Training
The 5th World Women’s Futsal Tournament
Wed.10 December 0-4 vs Portugal
Thu.11 December 3-2 vs Russia
Fri.12 December 0-6 vs Brazil
Sat.13 December AM/PM Training
Sun.14 December   Semi-Final
Mon.15 December   Third Place Decider/Final
Fri.19 December AM/PM Training
Sat.20 December 15:00 International Friendly Match vs Chinese Taipei Women's Futsal National Team(Kobe Green Arena)

*The schedule is subject to change without notice upon the team conditioning, the weather, etc.

International Friendly Match

Sat. 20 December 2014 Green Arena Kobe/Hyogo
Japan Women's Futsal National Team  vs Chinese Taipei Women's Futsal National Team
Kickoff  15:00(plan)
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