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Japan women’s futsal national team’s activity report from the Women's Futsal World Tournament (7 Dec)

08 December 2014

Japan women’s futsal national team’s activity report from the Women's Futsal World Tournament (7 Dec)

Training Match
Sun. 7 December 2014   Kickoff 16:15    Playing Time 20min
Palacio de los Deportes (San Jose/Costa Rica)

Costa Rica Women’s Futsal National Team   1-2 (1st 1-1, 2nd 0-1)   Japan Women’s Futsal National Team

10min    SONODA Mizuki (Japan)
13min    Goal againast (Costa Rica)
28min    KOIDE Natsumi (Japan)

FP:   NAKANO Emi, SAKATA Mutsumi, KATO Saori, YOKOYAMA Junko


Match Report

The Japan women’s futsal national team, who were getting ready for the fifth Women's Futsal World Tournament, had the second day of their training camp.

The players held a light training session in the morning before they had a practice match against the Costa Rica women's national futsal team. They mainly practiced combinations in preparation for the match. In the afternoon, Japan had a practice match against Costa Rica. Yamamoto Ayaka, Nakano Emi, Sakata Mutsumi, Kato Saori and Yokoyama Junko started the game. Although Japan took the initiative from start, they failed in some combinations and could not find the right moments or places to pass the ball. After nine minutes, when the players gradually got used to the match, Kichibayashi Chikage stole the ball from the opponent and passed it to Haruyama Ai in front of the goal. She made a shot on goal, but the goalkeeper saved it. Then in the 10th minute, Sonoda Mizuki, who stole the ball in the opponent’s area, got through the opponent’s defenders with a one-two with Fujita Yasuka in front of the goal, and struck the opener. However, Costa Rica immediately intercepted a pass and scored, leveling the game. The match went into the second half at 1-1. Japan continued attacking, looking for additional goals. After 28 minutes, Sekinada Minako, who reacted to a floating pass from Nakano Emi, passed the ball to Haruyama Ai and Koide Natsumi in front of the goal, then Japan scored, building a one-goal lead. Japan won the match 2-1.

The players will get ready for the tournament, using what they learned from today’s match in their remaining training sessions.


ARIHARA Masaaki, Head Coach
I could see the team’s improvement on the pitch, in areas where we’ve been working on - building up our network in the crowded areas, changing tempo, getting through those crowded areas, moving into open space, and the two or three-player’s combination to make a cross into the centre. I found the kind of possibilities such as new groupings, ideas, and expectations that one can only encounter in friendlies. It was good that we, the players and the team, could share our ideal. The rivals in our group will be different from today’s opponent. So we will be motivated by confidence, trust and an aspirational mind, which we got from today’s result, and prepare ourselves for the tournament.

SONODA Mizuki (Kyoto Seika Girls High School)
I experienced the international level today. I was able to score, running into the right wing to receive a pass when Fujita dribbled up through the left wing. We still need more ideas in attack. In terms of defence, we sometimes failed to swap the marks. So we need to practice this issue to be a better team.

KOIDE Natsumi (VEEX TOKYO Ladies)
I focused mainly on attack today and tried what we’ve been practicing in the game. It was very good to share what we wanted to do with each other when we actually tried things in the game. When I scored, it was a good move all the way to the goal. As there are many issues to be fixed, I’d like to work on them before the tournament.


Sat. 6 December AM/PM Training
Sun.7 December AM/PM Training
Mon.8 December AM/PM Training
Tue.9 December AM/PM Training
The 5th World Women’s Futsal Tournament
Wed.10 December 16:00 vs Portugal
Thu.11 December 16:00 vs Russia
Fri.12 December 18:00 vs Brazil
Sat.13 December AM/PM Training
Sun.14 December   Semi-Final
Mon.15 December   Third Place Decider/Final
Fri.19 December AM/PM Training
Sat.20 December 15:00 International Friendly Match vs Chinese Taipei Women's Futsal National Team(Kobe Green Arena)

*The schedule is subject to change without notice upon the team conditioning, the weather, etc.

International Friendly Match

Sat. 20 December 2014 Green Arena Kobe/Hyogo
Japan Women's Futsal National Team  vs Chinese Taipei Women's Futsal National Team
Kickoff  15:00(plan)
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