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JFA conducts Respect Symposium 2018 with the theme “Sports and Friends”

05 September 2018

JFA conducts Respect Symposium 2018 with the theme “Sports and Friends”

On Saturday 1 September, the Japan Football Association (JFA) conducted its Respect Symposium at the JFA House.

The symposium was conducted as part of JFA’s “Respect Fair-play Days” (Saturday 1 – Monday 10 September 2018). During this period, the JFA House will be embellished with respect logos and other ornaments that enlightens the concept of respect.

This year, the symposium featured the theme of “Sports and Friends,” as it began by projecting the video letter delivered from JFA President TASHIMA Kohzo and SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) Coach MORIYASU Hajime.

A lecture was given by the Japan Rugby Football Union Director WATANABE Ichiro and JFA National Training Centre Coach NISHIKAWA Seidai during the first section of the symposium, which was followed by the presentation of the “Respect Awards 2018,” which commended those who devoted themselves in activities that facilitates respect and fair-play.

As part of the second section of the symposium, a panel discussion was held with the theme of “Sports and Friends,” as weightlifter MIYAKE Hiromi and former swimmer HOSHI Natsumi took the podium to share their precious experience as an athlete.

Nearly 100 participants joined the symposium, as they deepened their understandings on the activities facilitating respect.

Keynote Lectures

・Japan Rugby Football Union Director Watanabe Ichiro
“The spirit of no-side, the history of football and fair-play”
・JFA National Training Centre Coach Nishikawa Seidai
“The precedent of the Japan National Team being featured by foreign medias on their spotless locker room and the politeness displayed by the Japanese people at the FIFA World Cup.”

Recipients of the Respect Awards 2018

Inclusive Award:
Japan Blind Football Association
The Nippon Care-Fit Education Institute
“For providing services and support tools for various demands to allow everyone to watch the sport.”

Japan’s Respect Award:
The Japanese Football Family
“For cleaning up the stadium at World Cup Russia.”

Football & Music Award:
CONFIANCA Soccer sports Boy Scouts
“For hosting a football festival that emphasised the importance of respect and fair-play.”

Respect Development Award:
“For their practice of holding hands to greet their opponents to develop the spirit of respect, which has been conducted for over 20 years.”

Panel discussion “Sports and Friends”

Mr. Watanabe Ichiro (Japan Rugby Football Union Director)

Mr. MORIOKA Yusaku (Japan Sport Association Managing Director)
Ms. Miyake Hiromi (Weightlifting player)
Ms. Hoshi Natsumi (Former swimmer, Sports commentator)
MR. MATSUZAKI Yasuhiro (JFA Standing Member of Executive Committee)


Moderator: Mr. Watanabe Ichiro
Through this symposium, I was given the opportunity to learn how devoted the JFA has been to facilitate the concept of respect and fair-play. I am convinced that if we can share these activities among other sports and further propel the concept, we can heighten the value of sports in general.

Panellist: Ms. Miyake Hiromi
Not only for athletes, but the concept of fair-play and respect is an essential quality in our society. The more we spread the awareness and care about each other, our actions shall see a change. I will always remind myself to stay humble and hope for the further development of our sports.

I am glad to be given the opportunity to listen into lectures with great volume. Especially the speech on “the spirit of no-side” given by the leading figure in the rugby community was very valuable for me. If these symposiums can become more of a workshop events, it may create more value in the future.

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