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Respect Respect

We, Japan Football Association and J-League are strongly aware of the social role played by football and sports, and recognizing the importance of respect in football, since 2008 we are leading "the Respect Project".

We think that the essence of respect is to play doing always the best and we catch it as the basis of fair play. We decided to consider it in relationship with team mates, opponents, referees, coaches, goods, facilities, parents, tournament officials, supporters, competition rules, the spirit of football and all the things surrounding football, and to "treasure" it.

"Aim for a fair and strong Japan team". Respect is a value of which Japan is pride of and it is a value recognized all over the world. It is important to play in Japanese style. That will lead to the increase of the value of football and sports. That is what is exactly needed in contemporary society. Football will be respected by society and it will become culture. We would like to spread these values from football to sport and to Japanese society.

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