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JFA signs on partnership with Qatar

26 October 2017

JFA signs on partnership with Qatar

Japan Football Association (JFA) signed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Qatar Football Association (QFA) on 25 October 2017. This agreement between the two football governing bodies will deepen the mutual relationship and continuous cooperation for further development of football in both Qatar and Japan.

In the presence of QFA President, H.E. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al Thani, JFA President TASHIMA Kohzo expressed his appreciation of such an important occasion for signing the first MoU between the associations.
“I am very honoured by this partnership with Qatar Football Association. I had a chance to observe Aspire High Performance Centre which is under construction and Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital today and was greatly impressed by this world’s top sports facilities. The efforts and initiatives of QFA for 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is superb. For 2022, we would like to cooperate closely with QFA to make achievements in various aspects and look forward to make further exchanges through this partnership.”

The MoU between QFA and JFA agrees on the cooperation with each other in the following areas:

1. Exchange of expertise and knowledge

a. General Management
b. Management
c. Marketing
d. Promotional Activity
e. Sport Facilities
f. Study and Research
g. Technical and conditioning coaching
h. Referees
i. Football management and Technical Direction
j. Game development and talented player development
k. Women’s Football
l. Youth Development
m. Futsal
n. Sports Science, referring to football
o. Sports Medicine, referring to football
p. Research on football matters
q. Rules and Regulations
r. Construction, management and operation of football facilities

2.National Teams

Until today JFA has signed MoU with the following football associations:

[East] Hong Kong, Mongolia
[ASEAN] Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos
[South] India
[Central] Iran
[West] Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Oman

England, France, Germany, Spain and Denmark

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