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Data Box

The Japan Football Association (JFA) has aimed to expand itself by welcoming all the people who get involved in football as “football loving mates = Football Family” and providing them with various advantages in a proactive way.
Our football family reached 5.26 million members in 2015. Under the newly-set “JFA’s goal 2030,” we aim to increase the number to 8 million by 2030.
Both in football and futsal, teams, players, referees, referee instructors and coaches are now able to register via our website, which makes the registration process more efficient and less paper-consuming.
Note: Since 1 May 2015, coaching license for futsal coaches has been operated independently. The futsal license’s validity period that used to coordinate with football license works separately now.

2016 Registrations
Football Teams Football Players Futsal Teams Futsal Players Coaches Futsal Coaches Football Referees
28,362 937,893 2,707 43,774 11,556 2,252 264,206
Futsal Referees Football Referee Instructors Futsal Referee Instructors Football Instructors Futsal Instructors Kids' leaders Officers
24,864 2,511 551 79,656 1,346 930 1,716
Total 1,371,255
※The number of teams’ registrations is not included in the total.
※Class 1 Teams composed by players of all age.
※Class 2 Teams composed by players under 18. This age limit is not applicable to players who are attending high school.
※Class 3 Teams composed by players under 15. This age limit is not applicable to players who are attending junior high school.
※Class 4 Teams composed by players under 12. this age limit is not applicable to players who are attending elementary school.
※Women Teams composed by women players.
※Seniors Teams composed by players over 40.
The age set in above statements should be the age at the day before the start of the new year (31st March)