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National Training Centre U-14

Changes from 2013

The role of the National Training Centre, which aims to enhance the development of individual players, is getting more and more important as an occasion of returning to the own team the results got from a high-level guidance and environment and from stimulation from other players, and an occasion for JFA for disseminating information to licensed coaches. Therefore, from the viewpoint of nurturing and strengthening players, in order to provide high-quality training opportunities to as many players as possible, and from the viewpoint of scouting, in order to understand the state of as many players as possible, the National Training Centre in the first half year has made independent the Kanto's regional centre creating 4 area centres, and in the latter half year will organise a inter-regional team trophy.


With the purposes of Japan football's strengthening and development
1. Scouting and nurturing of talented players
2. Interchanges between players, licensed coaches of the whole country
3. Raising the level of the players and of the licensed coaches
4. Enhancement and development of the training centres will be attempted.

Host organisation

Japan Football Association


adidas Japan K.K.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


Japan Football Association Technical Committee
Technical Committee / National coaching staff / National Training Centre coaches
Regional Training Centre U-14 Coaching staff


First half year:From Thursday 23 May 2013 to Sunday, 26 May (3 nights and 4 days)
Latter half year :From Thursday 21 November to Sunday 24 November (3 nights and 4 days)

Players' entry qualifications

1. Players registered in the Japan Football Association
(Participation of foreign players is approved, as it is considered as having positive influence on other players)
2. Players born later than 1st January 1999
3. Players who daily train at the training centre

Selection criteria / Number of participants

1. Players that may become representatives of the Japan National team are selected considering players' potential power, future prospects, personality etc. The selection is supported by National training centre's coaches in charge of each region, but the final decision is made by regional supervisors. Therefore, the regional supervisor, should select the region's best players considering not only the results of one trial, but also the players' daily activities.
2. The number of players and goalkeepers selected in each region, and the breakdown by age is as follows.
U-14 are players born later than 1st January 1999 and U-13 are players born later than 1st January 2000, but it is not a problem if there are many players below that age.
Moreover, the position does not matter, but regarding goal-keepers, as a general rule, for each age, the number of players listed below should be elected, but considering the actual situation of the region, it is possible to regulate these numbers consulting National training centre's goalkeeper coaches of the region.
3. Regarding goalkeepers, in the first half year, each region has been given one place ( the Kanto region, two places) of two goalkeepers (one for U-13 and one player for U-14). Regarding central and western Japan, the goalkeeper coaches of each three region are coordinating the selection and in addition to regional places, one extra player is selected. In the latter half year, in addition to regional places, 4 U-13 extra players are selected by JFA GK Project.

【First half year】4 Areas Selection
Areas Regions Number of players U-14 U-13 Region's
Eastern Japan Hokkaido 18 7 1 9 1 3
Tohoku 18 7 1 9 1 3
Kanto Kanto 38 16 2 18 2 6
Central Japan Hokushinetsu 17 7 1 8 1 3
Tokai 22 9 1 11 1 3
Kansai 25 11 1 12 1 3
Central Japan GK 2   1   1 -
Western Japan Chugoku 17 6 1 9 1 3
Shikoku 17 7 1 8 1 3
Kyushu 29 13 1 14 1 3
Western Japan GK 2   1   1 -
  Total 205 83 12 98 12  
【Latter half year】 Inter-regional team trophy
Region Total U-14 Players U-13 Players Region's NTC Number
Hokkaido 26 14 2 9 1 3 22

2 GK Coaches


Responsible of
Licensed Coaches
Tohoku 26 14 2 9 1 3
Kanto 36 14 2 18 2 4
Hokushinetsu 26 14 2 9 1 3
Tokai 26 14 2 9 1 3
Kansai 36 14 2 18 2 4
Chugoku 26 14 2 9 1 3
Shikoku 26 14 2 9 1 3
Kyushu 26 14 2 9 1 3
GK(additional players) 4       4  
JFA Academy(Fukushima・ Uki) 26 14 2 9 1 3
Total 284 160 20 108 16  
First half year Training / Lectures / Games etc.
Latter half year Inter-regional team trophy ※ for detailes see annexed document
Regional training centre's coaching staff

The National training centre indicates the necessity of 3 licensed coaching staffs. At least one of these should be officially qualified as licensed coach by Japan Football Association. The breakdown of these 3 members is as follows : 1 FP Coach, 1 GK Coach, 1 administration supporting coach. In the first half year , a simulation with all staff, including region's staff will be performed the day before.

First half year Wednesday 22nd March PM ※ detailes will be communicated as soon as established
Latter half Due to team trophy , the simulation will not be performed. In Kanto and Kansai, one staff will be added and the total of staffs of these regions will be 4.
Selection Date

Regional Youth Directors, after consulting Regional training centre's coaching staff, should select one coaching staff and one contact staff (the same person may be in charge of these two duties) and players [see 8.Selection criteria, number of players] and communicate these information to [16.The person in charge] by the following dates.

First half year participation application by Thursday 18th April
Written approval of participation・Letters of inquiry・documents for transfer arrangements by Thursday 25th April
Later half year Participation application by Wednesday 16th October
Written approval of participation・Letters of inquiry・documents for transfer arrangements by Wednesday 23th October

The association will bear Accommodation and travel expenses of Regional Training centre's staff and players, in accordance with the association's provisions. ※ Student discount will be applied to players' travel expenses.

Participation Fee

Players who are going to participate, should pay a fee of 15,000 yen for each half year. Participation fees will be collected by regional associations and paid to this association.

Due date: each regional association's contact staff should communicate this association the method of payment by the following date.
First half year: Thursday 18th April
Latter half year: Wednesday 16th October

Method of payment:
1.The regional football association may make a bank transfer to this association's bank account.
2.Hand directly the total participation fee of the region during the period of National training centre.

Meeting ・ dissolution

As a general rule, participants should reach the place where National training centre is hold and go back home by themselves.
However, in case there are demands regarding transportation, JFA Secretariat will make a decision, taking into account reasonableness and economy. Demands regarding transportation should be expressed by the same deadline [11. selection date] of players' participation application.


1. Regarding insurance, details will be specified under separate regulations.
2. Players should bring their own football's gear, writing instruments, daily necessaries and insurance card. Players should also write their names on their belongings.

Contacts for inquiry

Japan Football Association Technical Division Norimatsu・Mizuno・Nukui
〒113-8311 JFA House, Soccer ?Dori Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
TEL 03-3830-1810(direct number to theTechnical Division )  FAX 03-3830-1814

The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values