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Special License Player System

The Special License Player System offers futsal players of most potential an ‘environment that suits individual abilities’ regardless of category and association to which they belong.

F.League Special License Player System


Players registered with the Japan Football Association Futsal other than the F Club teams, who are acknowledged for their talents by the Japan Football Association, can play in F.League matches without changing their registration.


・Players with Japanese nationality
・Players registered with the Japan Football Association Futsal
・Players belonging to a team outside F.League
・Players of certified health

Receiving club team

The following club teams can receive players:
・F Club

Selection Criteria

All three of the following criteria: an original team (of a high school, a university, or a club team outside the F.League), a player (parents or guardians), and a receiving team must agree to submit an application. A fourth creterion is required in some cases – a high school when a player belongs to a club team outside the F.League. The Futsal Committee of the Japan Football Association will receive applications for evaluation according to the following criteria:

  • ・MOU lasts three months. During this period, if a player fails to have more than 20-days worth of activities in total or perform in more than one F.League official match, including sitting on the bench, his MOU will end immediately and will not be renewed
  • ・If a player fulfils the above requirement, his MOU will be renewed automatically for another three months. This will continue every three months by checking activity status.
  • ・A receiving club team must provide the environment to nurture players’ individual skills and have plans to try out each player in official games. A team can receive up to three players in the same period.

During the MOU period, if an applicant asks for cancellation for any reason, the decision is left up to the JFA except when all those three (or four), who signed the MOU, agree to the cancellation.

Approval Process (JFA will keep F.League updated)

A receiving team asks an original team (of a high school, a university, or a club team outside F.League) and a player (parents or guardians) for confirmation about ‘F.League Special License Player System’

The receiving team exchanges memoranda with the original team and the player.
The player has a medical check-up at the receiving club.
*Cardiac electrogram and echocardiogram are not necessary for renewal.

The receiving team prepares and submits the following documents to the JFA Futsal Committee by Tuesday noon.
If forms submitted on Tuesday are insufficient, applications may be rejected.

[Application forms]
① F.League Special License Player System application form
② Memorandum with all signatures except the JFA
③ Schedule of the current month
④ A copy of F.League medical check-up report

The JFA Futsal Committee evaluates applications.

The JFA Futsal Committee approves the applications (Thursday).

The JFA Futsal Committee rejects the applications.

The receiving club team is notified of approval.
Media release from the communication department after the receiving team’s acknowledgement

The result is reported to JFA Executive Committee

Come into action

The receiving team must submit an activity report to the JFA Futsal Committee seven days before the end of the three-month period for inspection. The schedule of the following month needs to be submitted by the end of the month.

[Reports] Deadline: Seven days before the end of three-month period (Strict observance required!)
① Activity report 1 (Location, content)
② Activity report 2 (Progress status, condition, and achievement)
Schedule of the following month

If the activities fulfil the requirement, renewal for another three-month period is approved.

If the activities do not fulfil the requirement, or do not meet the criteria, the period terminates.

Matches included as an activity

A player, who is approved in the ‘F.League Special License Player System’ and in the application of the ‘Japanese Futsal Regulation’ Article 51st, qualifies to perform in the following games.
・League matches
・League cups
・Pre-season matches

Matches to be affected by disciplinary actions

When a special license player receives disciplinary actions in his original team, they would usually only affect a game in the same championship or the following match, but not games in the F.League.
When a special license player receives disciplinary action in matches in the F.League, they will be carried over to games in the same F.League tournament, but not to games with his original team.
However, the JFA Disciplinary Committee will judge which of the first to the eighth clauses of Article 3 of the JFA Disciplinary Regulations applies.


The following expenses for the player's activities should be paid by the receiving club team.

Item Detail
Accident insurance Accident insurance contract and compensation fees
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