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Women: Special License Player System

The Special License Player System is a system which aim is to provide football players of youth teams, who are expected to grow greatly, "a suitable environment in accordance with the player's ability" going over the fences of organisations and federations.


Players of each age's national team or players at the same level of representative players, who usually play in teams that are not registered in Japan Women's Football League, if designated by Japan Football Association Women's Committee, are allowed to play matches in teams registered in Japan Women's Football League, without changing the registration.


1)Player's qualifications
○ Women players of Japanese nationality.
○ Players registered in the Japan Football Association.
○ Players of teams that are not registered in Japan Women's Football League.
○ Players recognized as healthy.

2)Selection Criteria
Women's Committee, understanding the growth process of the player, will take a decision after evaluating the player's overall capacity ( qualities, talent, potential, strong points) .

3)Selection of the receiving team.
Taking into account the player's range of activity (localness), the team environment, the grade of cooperation etc., the most suitable team among the Japan Women's Football League teams will be chosen.

4)Term of activity
The association , the player ( the parents), the former team ( not registered to Japan Women's Football League), school and receiving team ( registered to Japan Women's Football League) will discuss and will decide the appropriate term in the current year. If there are some serious reasons, the license may be cancelled at any moment of the approved period.

Approval process till the start of the activity

Women's Committee Member・National coaching staff・National training centre's coaches etc. designate the player.

Women's Committee evaluates the designation and receive the confirmation of the player and her team's willingness

Medical check up

Names of the candidates of Special License Player are communicated to Japan Women's Football League.

Receiving team is selected by the Women's Committee.

Discussion between concerned parties ; term, contents and project of the activities are determined.

Confirmation of concerned organisations (Japan Women's Football League, Japan University Women's Football Association etc.).

The Women's committee recognizes the player as "Special License Player"

The response is sent to the receiving team and the player's card is sent.

A memorandum is signed by the concerned parties

Report to the Technical Committee and to the Council

Start of the activities
Matches targeted for the activity

Players that are recognized as 「 Special License Players」 and whose registration statement, prescribed in the article 47 of the 「Japan Women's Football League statute」, were accepted, have the qualification to participate to the following matches.
○ MOC Nadeshiko League 2008 Division1/Division 2

Management of disciplinary penalties

As a general rule, disciplinary penalties received by Special License Players in matches with her former team, will be applied to the nearest match with the former team and not to Japan Women's Football League matches. And also, disciplinary penalties received in Japan Women's Football League matches will be applied to the nearest Japan Women's Football League match and not to matches with the former team. But in case the penalty are particularly serious ( for example, the player is suspended from taking part in several matches ) , JFA Disciplinary and Fair play Committee, after consulting J-League's Disciplinary Committee, will decide to which matches penalties should be applied.


Following expenses for the player's activity are paid by the association and the receiving team as follows.

Category content
Medical check up Expenses for the medical check up of Special License Players
Accident Insurance Accident insurance to prepare for accidents that may occur during the activities ( compensation related to injury or death)
Travel expenses Travel expenses from the player's home・team・school to the receiving team(place of activity)(accommodation fees included )
Treatment costs Costs for cure injuries and illness during the activity recognized by the association.(coinsurance amount in social insurance)
Expenses paid by receiving team
category content
Expenses incurred for food, accommodation fees, others Expenses related to the player's activities in the receiving(for activities as member of the team)
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