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JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki
JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki

Collaboration with Uki City

Coming true in cooperation with Uki City

Agreeing to the Japan Football Association's "JFA 2005 Declaration," Uki City in Kumamoto Prefecture determined to build their community hub under the understanding that preparing "the environment where children can have a big dream" through football is adults' mission for the sake of children who will take a big role to achieve the declaration.

NPO Sports Academy Kumamoto Uki" was established to manage the newly-built JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki. And the academy offers a philosophy and method of the development of youngsters as a community hub as well as focuses on contributing to the development of regional sports in both software and hardware aspects.We have been launching the project to open "JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki" in cooperation with local government Uki City and the Kumamoto Football Association.

For children who forge the next generation, NPO Sports Academy Kumamoto Uki aims to play a supportive role as a community hub in coordination with concerned organisations, in order to achieve the objective "to promote and develop sports activities in Kumamoto Prefecture and the western Japan region and contribute to local society by implementing town development, regional activation and human development through sports.

We built a dormitory while promoting sports with JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki as the governing body.We placed the whole facility including the dormitory as Kumamoto Prefecture Football Centre, which is a hub to offer comprehensive services through football.By organising a facility to work as a hub, we expect the facility to work as an interaction platform for lifelong sports for people in and out of the prefecture, which increases the number of people enjoying sports, and also to serve as a bridge for cross-industrial exchanges.

Starting from the year of 2010, we have taken the initiative in managing the academy in cooperation with the JFA. As a community hub and as one of the top facilities in Japan to nurture elites, we work together with local private organisations and residents to perform education with the vision of "human development" through sports. We are aiming to build the one-of-a-kind and regionally-specific model ahead of any other region, which thrives from "education" to "shared education" followed by "echoed education" - all of them called as Kyoiku (education in Japanese).

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Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
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