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U-16 Japan squad fall to home team Chile after penalty shootout in COPA UC 2016

18 December 2016

U-16 Japan squad fall to home team Chile after penalty shootout in COPA UC 2016

COPA UC 2016 U-16 Japan National Team vs U-16 Chile National Team
2016-12-17(Sun.) Kick-off 12:00(Local Time) Playing Time 70min.(35min.×2)
Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo(Santiago, Chile)

U-16 Japan National Team 1-1(1-0, 0-1, PK 3-4)U-16 Chile National Team

17' HIRAKAWA Rei(U-16 Japan National Team)
61' goal against(PK) (U-16 Chile National Team)

Starting Line-ups

MF:KATSURA Rikuto, KOZUKI Soichiro, IGAWA Sora, FUKUOKA Shimpei

38' YAMAGUCHI Kazuki → KOZUKI Soichiro
38' TSUBAKI Naoki → NAKAMURA Keito
68' KOZUKI Soichiro → KATSURA Rikuto

Match Report

“00 Japan” took on Chile on Saturday 17 in the middle of the COPA UC 2016 and they were given another loss by the home team after the 70-minute regulation tied 1-1 and the 4-3 penalty shootout.

On the previous day, Japan disappointingly lost their way to the semi-final due to the draw result. The match today was supposed to be an important one with regard to how well the team had reset their mind to face adversity. Chile are the host country of the last year’s FIFA U-17 World Cup and their top team are one of the best squads in South America, including their two straight Copa America championships.

Although showing dynamic transition between offence and defence and fierce battles on the ball, both team showed signs of fatigue since it was the fourth match to play in four days. Mistakes were often and neither team created crucial goal-scoring opportunities. In that kind of match, Japan somehow created their rhythm, and in the 13th minute midfielder TSUBAKI Naoki going up the left flank fed the ball to midfielder HIRAKAWA Rei. Then, Hirakawa went past a defender with his individual skills and put his shot into the back of the net deflecting off an opposing defender. Chile, however, showed their attack as well. In the 23rd, a shot off a quick turn barely missed the target. Then a deadlock continued until the first half finished with Japan’s one-goal lead.

In the second half, Chile went on a furious offensive serge. They sent substitutes one after another onto the pitch, repeatedly kicked long balls to the frontline and scared Japan with set-pieces. The Japanese side tried to fight back by moving the ball to break through Chilean defence and get closer to goal, but kept failing to add to their lead. Although they showed tenacious defensive efforts previously, Japan in the 61st minute gave away a penalty kick opportunity when defender MATSUI Renji committed a foul in front of Japan’s goal. Chile composedly converted the chance and equalised the scoring.

One minute later, Japan gave another good opportunity for the opponents to score from the left flank, but Japan’s goalkeeper OUCHI Issei managed to knock the good-looking shot away. Neither team were able to take advantage of their scoring opportunities rest of the way, and the match went into the penalty shootout, according to the tournament regulations. While Chile calmly took advantage of four attempts out of five, Japan missed the fourth and fifth, which resulted in a 4-3 loss for Japan.

The next match for Japan will be the seventh-place match against Peru.

* ”00 JAPAN” is the nickname of the U-16 Japan National Team that consists of members who were born after 2000.

Players' Comments

DF #3 KOBAYASHI Yuki (Vissel Kobe U-18)
In today’s match, there were many individual mistakes and also as a team we didn’t have many occasions where we collectively went after the ball in defence. But just like yesterday’s match, we showed our efforts to go for the goal until the very end, so that was good. Throughout this tournament, I felt strongly that I need to improve the quality of my plays against opponents who come very aggressively in front of goal and also I want to get stronger on the ball to match the opponents’ physicality all for the FIFA U-17 World Cup. I have come to understand how South American players play after many matches that I actually played. In the last match we have left, I want to experience a lot on the pitch and learn as many things as possible.

MF #6 KIDA Hinata (Cerezo Osaka U-18)
Just like the yesterday’s match, the match taught me how important one goal can be. We scored the opening goal, but couldn’t extend the lead. Then we let our opponents take the pace in the second half. Looking at the score, you may say it’s very close. But there was obviously a very big difference between Chile and us in terms of the determination to win. The ability to adjust to the opponents when the opponents are really clicking and the timing to let ourselves click, we have to share within the team. We are experiencing strong disappointments as a team during this trip, so we want to finish this up with the win in the last match.

MF #15 KOZUKI Soichiro (Kyoto Sanga F.C. U-18)
I got onto the pitch in the middle of the match and then I got subbed out. It was disappointing. I was reminded of the fact that I am not ready yet to play in terms of the intensity on the ball and the determination toward the match. During this trip, there are a lot to learn through playing against good teams in South America, and not just learning but also I want to get myself ready in practice to play in next match. I have to be physical enough to deal with the physical opponents who really throw their body to us and also I have to be smart enough in terms of how to use our body well. We want to wrap up this trip with a win tomorrow no matter what.


 COPA UC 2016
Wed. 14 December 1-1 vs U-17 UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA
(Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo)
Thu. 15 December 0-2 vs U-16 Mexico
(Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo)
Fri. 16 December 4-1 vs U-16 Peru
(Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo)
Sat. 17 December 1-1
Consolation Final vs U-16 Chile
(Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo)
Mon. 19 December 10:30 Seventh-placed Match vs U-16 Peru
(Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo)

*The schedule is subject to change due to the team condition, the weather, etc.

COPA UC 2016
A Group: U-16 Chile, U-16 Colombia, U-16 Paraguay, U-17 CLUB CHIVAS (Mexico)
B Group: U-16 Japan, U-16 Peru, U-16 Mexico, U-17 UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA (Chile)

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