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Referees for Nadeshiko Japan World Match

13 September 2014

Referees for Nadeshiko Japan World Match

Referees for Nadeshiko World Match in Yamagata on Sat. 13th conducted training at the stadium on Fri. 12nd.


Main referee: GANI Rita/Malaysia
Assistant referee 1: SHAMSURI Widiya Habibah/Malaysia
Assistant referee 1: TRUONG Thi Le Trinh/Vietnam
4th official: YAMAGISHI Sawako

Comment from referees

We are honored to be referee for this game, game for enhancing team work before the Asian Games. It is important game for Nadeshiko Japan and it should be an exciting game against physically-strong Ghana. This is first time to come to Japan for a game. I look forward to enjoying the stay even though it is short period of four days.

Nadeshiko Japan WORLD MATCH

Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team) vs Ghana Women's National Team
Sat. 13 September 2014    Kickoff at 19:00 (estimate time) / Open 17:00 (estimate time)
National Live broadcasting on TV Asahi and its group

Match information

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