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Nadeshiko Japan’s day two of training camp in Yamagata (report on 10 Sep)

11 September 2014

Nadeshiko Japan’s day two of training camp in Yamagata (report on 10 Sep)

Nadeshiko Japan had the second day of their practice in Yamagata to get prepared for the Nadeshiko Japan WORLD MATCH against Ghana Women’s National Team at ND Soft Stadium Yamagata on Saturday 13 September.

In the morning, players repeatedly worked on shooting drills in various situations such as corner kicks and free kicks. Then, they moved onto a game-style practice, 7-on-7 with a goalkeeper and a neutral player. In the afternoon, students from the local high school joined the practice to help them as an opposition. Players were divided into two groups to work on a possession drill. And then, they reviewed their offence facing toward the goal and build-up from a goal kick. At the end, the squad went through their collective plays in a full-pitch game-style practice against the high school students.


OSAFUNE Kana, Vegalta Sendai Ladies
I was once selected for the AFC Women’s Asian Cup in May, but wasn’t able to join the team because of my poor health condition. I want to make up for it showing my fighting spirit. I will try not to allow any goal and try to show what I have as much as possible in the match against Ghana on Saturday 13th.
I went to the Asian Games in 2010 with my team and we won the championship, but I personally couldn’t play in any match. This time, I want to play and contribute to my team to get a sense of accomplishment. I will always keep in mind to win the trophy and try my best in every game. If we don’t get outplayed physically by our oppositions, that’s going to be our confidence and we could take advantage of it in our future.

YAMANE Erina, Jef United Ichihara Chiba Ladies
We’ve made lots of mistakes like interceptions and lack of communication that caused lost goals, so we need to improve them for upcoming matches. If I reduce risks and communicate more, things are going to change, so I’ll try that. I haven’t had many opportunities where I can play against overseas players and play for a title before. The fact I’ve now got such a chance is a big advantage for me. I feel I’m still not good enough. At the same time, it’s still uncertain but I’ve found a part of my strength. What I need to work on now are to improve slow decision-making on build-up and make clear understanding of what to do. But I’m confident that I could give my team some advantage if I can deny opposing attacks with my high header. We will be contending for the back-to-back Asian Games title. We will surely work together to get it.

Nadeshiko Japan WORLD MATCH

Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's National Team) vs Ghana Women's National Team
Sat. 13 September 2014    Kickoff at 19:00 (estimate time) / Open 17:00 (estimate time)

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