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NOZU Yuzuru
Inductees recommended by the Committee (Past Presidents/4th president)
Time in charge: 1955 - 1976
NOZU Yuzuru
Born in Hiroshima on 12 March 1899

Graduated from Tokyo Imperial University.
Doctor. Opens Nozu Clinic in 1947. Achieved major accomplishments in the field of public hygiene. Plays football at Hiroshima First Junior High School (now Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School), First High School, and Tokyo Imperial University.

Appears at 5th Far Eastern Championship Games (Shanghai) in 1921 while a student at Tokyo Imperial University. Appointed as president of the Japan Football Association in 1955 after time spent on the board and as chairman of the board. Oversees recognition of JFA as an incorporated foundation in 1974. Devotes particular attention to technical improvement of Japanese football, and invites Dettmar Cramer to Japan in 1960. Lays foundations for strengthening of Japanese national team, training of players, and development of coaches. Appointed to post of AFC vice-president and to the FIFA board of directors (becoming the second ever FIFA board member from Japan).

He held FIFA coaching schools in Japan for the top-class instructors in AFC countries. He also contributes to the foundation of the Asian Youth Championships, and other official AFC and FIFA events that would later be a great support to the level of football in During his service at FIFA, he contributed for the great success of the 1974 FIFA World Cup (West Germany) as its organizing committee member.

Also contributes to sport at large as Sports Minister in the Ministry of Health and Welfare, board member and executive director of the Japan Sports Association, member of the Japanese Olympic Committee, and board member of the National Olympic Stadium. Key member at the Japan Sports Association in the establishment of boys' sports clubs, and takes post of director of the boys' sports clubs division.
Awarded Blue Medal of Honour in 1964, and 3rd Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1969.
Passes away in 1983.
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