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NITTA Sumioki
Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
NITTA Sumioki
Born in Hokkaido on 14 January 1897

Childhood Name: Miitsumaru
Graduates from Tokyo Imperial University

Heavily involved in many aspects of JFA foundation in 1921, including organisation, operation, translation of the laws of the game, and production of coaching manuals. Contributes to creation of All-Japan Championship Tournament (now Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament), thereby creating cornerstones for Japanese football. Founds four-school University and Specialist School League in 1922 (becomes Tokyo College League from 1924), and All-Japan High School Football Tournament in 1923, laying the foundations for the continued strengthening of student football. Appointed to JFA board of directors in 1935. In charge of finances ahead of following year's Olympic Games in Berlin, engaging in raising of funds to send athletes overseas. Performs role of director of training at 11th Meiji Shrine National Sports Tournament in 1940.

After the war, appointed standing director in 1962. Involved in venue construction and other preparations ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, contributing to the success of the event. Also known as foremost authority in research of history of football in Japan, visiting FIFA and Football Association in England to compile own materials, and producing "The Steps of Japanese Soccer (published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Japan Football Association)" (Kodansha, 1974) as the result of his investigation into Japanese football history.

Also strongly involved in recovery of Japanese sport after the war, as member of board of directors of Japan Sports Association (JASA). Serves as go-between for JASA and JFA, and contributes to obtaining of imperial endorsement of Emperor's Cup.
Awarded 5th class Order of the Rising Sun in 1972 Passes away in 1984 Elected into Japan Football Hall of Fame as part of second group of inductees in 2006.
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