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JFA International Coaching Course 2016 ends in success

22 July 2016

JFA International Coaching Course 2016 ends in success

The JFA International Coaching Course 2016 was held between 12 and 17 July at J-GREEN Sakai in Osaka.

The course aims to develop the level of coaches in Asia which marks the eighth time this year. It was specialised in goalkeeping and a total of 33 members have gathered, including 6 goalkeeping coaching instructors of FIFA and AFC, and participants from 22 Asian countries. The participants included goalkeepers’ coaches from their respective national teams, directors of the goalkeeper coach development as well as 8 out of 14 instructors for AFC Goalkeeping Coaching Courses (two of them were this course’s instructors, Mr. KATO Yoshio and Mr. KAWAMATA Noriyuki).

In the course, the instructors explained about JFA’s activities for the development and coach education of goalkeeper which is based on JFA coaching guideline, such as the JFA’s goalkeeper project, development of the female goalkeepers and coaching at the academies. Furthermore, 5 of the participants had presentations with the themes of the goalkeeper development and issue in their countries. The group discussion was also done to share the status quo and plan for future.

They also observed the trainings of Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka and watched J. League match in the end of the course.

This project was conducted as part of the cultural exchange programmes targeted to Asian countries including those of ASEAN, with the support of the Japan Foundation Asia Center.

The Japan Foundation Asia Center creates opportunities to exchange art and culture between Japan and other Asian countries under the slogan of the “WA Project”—Toward Interactive Asia through “Fusion and Harmony.”

Course Master Comment

At the start of this course, we explained that JFA integrate the basic policy stated by the JFA’s Technical Committee, the 4 main pillars, as a measurement to develop goalkeepers. We had a theory and practical session in which we introduced the goalkeeper development based on the above policies and the activities of goalkeeper coaching course in coach education. Throughout active discussion and group work, all the participants were able to exchange opinions and share ideas of goalkeeper development and goalkeeping coaching course.

For the club visit, we inspected the training of Cerezo Osaka’s top team and U-23 team as well as Gamba Osaka’s top team and U-18 team. Within this inspection, the participants got a clue to analyse their own countries’ issues from a fresh perspective.

Mr. HAROON from Oman who is the instructor of AFC Goalkeeping Coaching Course said: “we have some talented goalkeepers in Asia. Let’s produce goalkeepers who can compete at the global stage as we keep studying hard and supporting each other. To do so, it is necessary for us to continue coach education and we have a big responsibility.” With this in mind, all the participants will try to improve the level of goalkeepers in Asia and make it to the development of the entire football in Asia — I had no doubt that this course was meant for this purpose.

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka, who allowed us to visit their training. Also, we would like to thank all the supportive members, including the players of the Kokoku High School Football Club, the Osaka Football Association and J-GREEN Sakai.

Participants' Comments

Noel MARCAIDA, GK Coach / PFF Instructor
On behalf of Philippine Football Federation I would like to thank JFA for the invitation to join the 8th JFA GK international coaching course, it was indeed a very successful course. All JFA Instructors are very profesional and very open minded to share the JFA GK development and structures also the participants are actively involved in theory and practical discussions. Thank you as well for the opportunity you've given me to be one of the speaker for the course.

Special mention to Mochi San, the Head Master of the course for the bright idea of organizing such activity to develop and improve not just MA GK instead improve GK in ASIA. Thank you also to J-Green Sakai Dream Camp for a wonderful accommodation and a great facility that also help outcome of the course positive. "The time is definitely appreciated, the moments will be treasured and the knowledge will be shared"- Thank you very much!

Dean MAY, Youth Development Manager / Football Federation Australia
"It's with great thanks and appreciation to JFA for their hosting of this international goalkeeping coaching course. It was an excellent opportunity for goalkeeper coaches and instructors from throughout Asia to come together to observe the Japanese way, and to also compare the good practices being conducted in other member federations.

The Instructors and support staff worked tirelessly to ensure the whole week ran smoothly, and allowed the participants to concentrate on the practical and theory sessions. I would strongly recommend this type of course to a goalkeeper coach irrespective of knowledge level and experience.

HIROSE Erika, Japan Foundation Asia Center
All the people, including the instructors, participants and related people, had passionate discussions and exchanges during the course. The participants said that they made friends regardless of their levels and ages and hope to see more young coaches taking the spotlight. We hope each of them bring back their experience and networks to their countries to keep working on the development of the Asian football in the future while deepening their friendship through their continued exchanges.

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