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AFC Futsal Fitness Coaching Course held in Hakone to deepen understanding of Fitness Training

30 November 2018

AFC Futsal Fitness Coaching Course held in Hakone to deepen understanding of Fitness Training

The AFC Futsal Fitness Coaching Certificate Course Level 1, a special curriculum conducted by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) was held between Sunday 18 and Friday 23 November at Hakone, Kanagawa.

Under the supervision of the AFC Instructor, the participants took part in learning the fundamentals of futsal fitness training. The course included sessions where they utilised heart rate monitors to gather numerical data, conducted practical sessions to simulate real life situations, and held discussions to further deepening their understandings of fitness training.

Instructors' Comments

Mr. Miles DOWNIE, AFC Instructor
It was an honour and a pleasure to conduct the second AFC Futsal Fitness Level 1 course in Japan. The course was a demanding undertaking for the participants during the six days. The course involved a series of theoretical and practical sessions conducted by both instructor and participants. Providing participants with the practical skills to prescribe and conduct integrated, futsal specific, training to development various physical qualities. As well as the physiological theory behind them and how to program such sessions into an annual plan. The participants demonstrated a magnificent work ethic in both practical and theory sessions, working in collaboration with each other often studying challenging material long in to the night. For this they must be congratulated. The development seen throughout the week was remarkable and will place these participants in a fantastic position to have a positive impact on the Future of Futsal Fitness in Japan. Assistant Instructor Mr. KOMORI Takahiro once again demonstrated his exceptional skills not just translating but facilitating the learning process for the participants. His expertise in communication makes him the very best I have seen. The facilities and setting of the course in Hakone were fantastic. It was a very special experience being in the mountains in autumn in the shadow of Mt Fuji. A big thank you needs to go to the Hakone Powel Hotel, the Seisa Lake Arena, everyone involved from the JFA and the AFC, for making this wonderful learning experience possible.

KOMORI Takahiro, AFC Assistant Instructor
Following last year, this was the second time this course was conducted. The course has given us the opportunity to explore the training methods that can heighten the performance of a futsal player while providing a platform where people can absorb the fundamental knowledge and philosophy that backs those methods. I am glad to be a part of such wonderful course where many people with many different backgrounds can come and learn, regardless of their experience with sports science. With the lectures and practical sessions held from the early morning to late evening, it was certainly a tough six-days, but the enthusiasm and open mindedness of the participants has really collaborated well with the entertaining and thorough lectures given by Mr. Downie. We have held a motto to provide a platform where people can take back a useful tool box that can be utilise through their daily activities, but I feel that certainly has been materialised. Taking part of this course for the second time, I personally have discovered many new things by interacting with the participants. I will like to thank everyone who has contributed to make this course happen and the members of SBFC LONDRINA. Thank you very much.

Participants' Comments

I was able to learn about the sport of futsal from a fitness stand point. I hope to utilise this experience to deepen and widen my coaching methods.
This course has given me the opportunity to learn how the physical aspect and training methods are related in the sport of futsal.
I learned how to construct the training schedule through an annual planning method and to build weekly menus.
The course schedule was very tight and intense, but it was a very productive course and I am very happy to participate in it.
I felt that I cannot learn such methods just by coaching in a regular basis. I will work to become able to construct a more thorough training plan in the future.
There were many things I wasn’t able to do or understand, but the instructors and other participants help me through to finish the course.

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