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“Sports Paramedic Licence Course” targeting trainers all around the nation held at JFA House

18 March 2019

 “Sports Paramedic Licence Course” targeting trainers all around the nation held at JFA House

On Saturday 9 March, a Sports Paramedic Licence Course was held at the JFA House. Many trainers from all around the nation participated in this course, as they listened in closely to the lecture. During the practical sessions, the participants utilised chest compressions, AED, and the stretcher while communicating within the groups. Participants who successfully completed the course will receive a certificate of completion, a licence valid for three years. This course is a required course to acquire the BLS (Basic Life Support) certificate, which is a prerequisite for the renewal of the athletic trainer licence certified by the Japan Sport Association.

*For requests from organisations to conduct the course, please contact the Technical department of the Japan Sport Association at: jfa-igaku@jfa.or.jp

Course Director’s Comment

FURUYA Shinsuke, JFA Sports Paramedic Project Member
In this Sports Paramedic Licence Lecture, we saw a total of 22 participants gathering from all around the nation. There was great enthusiasm throughout the course, and everyone took part in both the lecture and the practical session very actively. Especially during the practical session where participants were divided into groups to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation and utilising the stretcher to carry one’s body, the participants were seen lively discussing with each other. The course was designed to cover all the things that could happen on and off the pitch, and we hope to make the contents more practical. We are looking forward to seeing more participants in the future.

Instructor’s Comment

YAGURA Yukihisa (Hokkaido Football Association Medical Committee)
During the course, I gave a lecture on “Concussion” while also taking part as an instructor to go over the practical session on “CPR,” “Utilisation of the AED,” and “Transport method.” Many participants of this course were also scheduled to participate in the JFA Athletic Trainer Seminar on the following day and had great knowledge on the players’ wellbeing and safety. Everyone was taking notes during the lecture and with many of the participants already taking part in the BLS course, we were able to see the cardiopulmonary resuscitation conducted with great skills. The practical session on transportation methods utilising the stretchers was a unique part of this course and everyone got to experience both sides of the person being stretched off and the one’s carrying the person. In order to prevent the sudden death in the sports field, this Sports Paramedic Licence Course serves an important part. We are planning on conducting the first course in Hokkaido this November, and we are hopping to spread the course throughout the nation.

Participant’s Comment

TAKAHASHI Miyuki (Norddea Hokkaido)
I heard of this course through my club team. I have taken part in series of AED courses, but with this course being a specialised course on the fields of football, it gave me a wonderful learning experience. I learned a lot especially from the utilisation of the stretcher. The session covered very detailed notes on how to respond and what to be careful of. I am hearing that the course will be held in Hokkaido soon, so I am planning on participating again to go over the topics. I am hoping that sports paramedics will be more acknowledged and widely spread in the sports field. Thank you very much.

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