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SUZUKI Shigeyoshi
Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
SUZUKI Shigeyoshi
Born in Fukushima on 13 October 1902

Founding father of football at Waseda. Introduced the coaching of Kyaw Din into Japanese football, and was an early contributor to football in Japan, being active on the international stage both as a player and as a coach.
Sets up association football clubs at Waseda High School and Waseda University, and forms Waseda WMW to include old boys after graduation. Refines technical abilities under coaching of Kyaw Din at Waseda High School, and wins All-Japan High School Association Football Tournament (Inter-High). This success leads to Kyaw Din coaching across the country and to an improvement in the level of Japanese football overall. At university, Suzuki is involved in the establishment of the Tokyo College League (now Kanto University League), and is among the players of the first champion side in 1925.

In 1927, captains Japan team consisting largely of players from Waseda WMW in 8th Far Eastern Championship Games (Shanghai), which achieves first ever full international victory in match against Philippines. As manager, leads Japan to draw with China and overall first place in 9th Far Eastern Championship Games (Meiji Shrine Stadium, Tokyo) in 1930, securing Japan's place at the top table of East Asian football. At the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, Suzuki backs up joint coaches Kudo and Takenokoshi to lead Japan to come from behind and beat a strong Sweden side, causing the name of Japan to become known throughout the world of football. In 1928, publishes "Association Football" (Arusu Undo Daikoza) jointly with Yuzuru Nozu, contributing to the further spread of football.

Involved in the organization of the All-Japan Championship Tournament (now Emperor's Cup All-Japan Championship Tournament) as competitions committee member of JFA after its establishment, becomes standing director in 1929 and secretary in 1931, devoting his energies to building up the JFA organisation.
Also held posts of board member and executive director of Greater Japan Sports Association, and chairman of Waseda WMW.
Passes away in 1971.
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