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Inductees Recommended by the Committee (Special Selection)
Born in Hyogo on 9 August 1922

Graduates from Kobe University of Economics (now Kobe University).
Plays football at Kobe First Junior High School (now Hyogo Prefectural Kobe High School), Kobe University of Economics (now Kobe University), Tanabe Seiyaku, and Osaka Club. During his time at Kobe First Junior High School, achieves victory in the 20th All-Japan Junior High School Football Championship Tournament in 1938 and, as captain, in the 10th Meiji Shrine Sports Tournament in 1939. After the war, achieves victory in the Kansai Student League with Kobe University of Economics after his readmission. Achieves victory in the 3rd All-Japan Company Football Tournament in 1950 with Tanabe Seiyaku, having joined the company in 1948, and goes on to win the tournament a total of seven times, including six in a row up to 1957. Contributes to the establishment of an unbeaten record of 93 wins and one draw in 94 matches after the qualifiers for the All-Japan Company Football Tournament in 1950, building a golden age for Tanabe Seiyaku.

Also plays for the Osaka Club (established following a proposal by Taizo Kawamoto) alongside players such as Toshi Iwatani at the same time, and appears in three consecutive finals at Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament, beginning with the 31st tournament in 1951.

With the Japan national team, Kagawa plays in the 1st Asian Games in 1951 (New Delhi), the 2nd Asian Games in 1951 (Manila), and the Asian qualifying tournament for the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. Combines successfully with the right-winger, Masanori Tokita, even at national level, and displays a high level of ball control and an eye for tactics. As one of the players to remember the period of growth in pre-war football after the Berlin Olympics, becomes one of the generation of people to work to keep Japanese football in existence and improve its level during the difficulties after the war. Plays in five "A" matches for Japan.
Passes away in 1990.


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