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The conclusion of “Respect Fair-play Days 2020”

24 September 2020

The conclusion of “Respect Fair-play Days 2020”

Written by Chair YAMAGISHI Sachiko of the JFA Respect and Fairplay Committee

The “JFA Respect Fair-play Days 2020” was held from Saturday 5 to Monday 14 September. On the first day, a symposium was held. Each year the symposium was held at the JFA House, but in measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year it was held online for the first time. It was unfortunate that we could not have everyone gather in one place, but we are sincerely grateful to see nearly 320 people participate from all over the nation. With this being our first attempt to conduct the symposium online, there were rooms for improvements, but the circle of respect has certainly spread throughout the nation. For more information

During the Respect Fair-play Days, Respect/Fair-play oaths were given by team captains prior to matches held at the J.League, JFL, Nadeshiko League, and F.League. By expressing the importance of respect in words, and through the respectful performance on the pitch, every spectator was able to acknowledge the importance of respect in sports.

Each year, the Respect Fair-play Days gives us the opportunity to rethink about respect. By reflecting on our daily lives and through each individual spreading the spirit of RESPECT (to take care of others), we will continue to strive to enrich our lives through football.

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