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Second trimester of 2021 A-Licence General Coaching Course for female coaches held at J-Village

15 September 2021

Second trimester of 2021 A-Licence General Coaching Course for female coaches held at J-Village

The second trimester of the first ever A-Licence General Coaching Course for female coaches took place at J-Village (Fukushima) from Monday 6 to Saturday 11 September.

After building their trust during the first trimester, the participants dove into the second trimester with great enthusiasm, as they worked on group assignments while also preparing for the coaching sessions. Driven by various feelings; anxiety, relief, tension, regret, and joy, the participants devoted their time holding practical training sessions within the limited time frame.

Despite having only a week, the participants completed a total of 48 coaching sessions, which allowed them to deepen their understanding of each theme through the practical training sessions.

Among the people who supported the course, four stood out the most.

First of all, the 15 training partners of the Ryutsu Keizai University Women's football team, who supported the course from morning till evening for four days, despite having a match scheduled in the weekend.

Secondly, the course was held in the same schedule and venue as the A-Licence General Coaching Course, allowing the participants to observe the coaching sessions carried out by the male participants, which gave them great inspiration and insights on what it takes to become a A-Licenced coach.

Thirdly, two coaches who are dispatched overseas were making a temporal return to Japan, allowing the participants to ask questions and learn what it is like to be coaching overseas.

The fourth was Mr. UCHIDA Atsuto, a former player of the Japan National Team, who was visiting J-Village for a sperate event. He responded to the request of instructor Kageyama to swing by and give words of encouragement to the participants. As Mr. Uchida showed up, the facial expressions of the participants, who were exhausted both physically and mentally on the final day of the coaching sessions, suddenly lid up, giving them extra energy to carry on.

With the course being held for female coaches, there are both hopes and concerns that comes with it. Most importantly, the level of expectations to obtain the “A-class general” coaching licence is the same for both men and women. There is no such thing as a lower requirement for women, and the participants must be able to hold training sessions that can convince male players on a pitch of 68m x 105m.

This week provided a valuable time for the participants to spend time facing football and themselves. We are grateful to all the people involved and the respective clubs in which the participants belong to for allowing them to take part in the course despite being held during the opening of the WE League and midst of the season.

○Dates: Mon. 6 - Sat. 11 September 2021
○Venue: J-Village (Fukushima)
○Instructors: KAGEYAMA Masanaga, TSUKADA Yuji

Mon. 6 September

Second trimester guidance
Lecture: Game analysis ②
Lecture: Team building
Lecture: Nutrition

Tue. 7 September

Practical training: Coaching session
Lecture: Presentation

Wed. 8 September

Practical training: Coaching session
Lecture: Medical
Lecture: Presentation

Thu. 9 September

Practical training: Coaching session
Lecture: Sport psychology
Lecture: Social science of sports

Fri. 10 September

Practical training: Coaching session
Lecture: Analysis ② presentation
Special Lecture: Presentation of coaches dispatched overseas
Written exam

Sat. 11 September

Practical training: Physical conditioning
Second trimester closing guidance

Participants’ Comments

Mr. ISHIDA Mihoko, Coach (Sfida Setagaya FC)
First of all, I would like to thank everyone’s support for making this course possible during these tough times. I am also grateful for the staffs of J-Village for hosting and helping us complete the course while taking thorough measures against Covid-19. Thank you very much.

We spent time studying on our own after the first trimester and entered the second trimester with the theme to challenge ourselves without fearing failures. This term featured many contents including coaching sessions, lectures, and presentations. We were also given the opportunity to interact with coaches who are dispatched overseas and learn what it is like to be working overseas. I was deeply impressed and empathised with the idea that raising the overall level of football in Aisa will lead to the further growth of Japanese football. I also learned that there are demands for female coaches in Asia.

Along with the other participants of this course, I was able to fully devote myself in football and spend a priceless time here at this wonderful facility. Football is live. This course reminded me of the difficulties of coaching, but it also gave me the determination to overcome those adversities. With the WE League kicking-off, women’s football has entered a new era. And behind the scenes of every glamorous stage, there are many unsung heroes. We may be limited to what we are capable of doing, but I will continue to give my best effort to bring more excitement to the women’s football world.

Ms. YAMAGO Nozomi, Coach/GK Coach (Chifure AS Elfen Saitama)
We have reached the second term following the first term and the studying period that was held between the two trimesters. During the study period, I was able to reflect on my perspective on football and shape up my football philosophy. This second term has allowed us to gain plenty of coaching experience, listen into very interesting lectures, and renew our concepts of football each day. It also reminded me that I still need to improve on my ability to provide appropriate guidance to the players on the pitch. I will continue to work on my coaching skills through the daily activities and try to make the most of the experience I gained from this course.

I am grateful to all the people who has made this course possible, despite the ongoing pandemic. I am also thankful to all the instructors for providing warm and positive guidance to us. We will continue to prepare ourselves ahead of the third and final trimester.

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