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Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad play intrasquad game

15 February 2016

Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad play intrasquad game

As the training camp in Okinawa ahead of the Olympic qualifying round went into a full-scale training on the second day, the Japan Women's National Team short-listed squad played an intrasquad scrimmage on Sunday 14. In the morning, Minister of State for Special Missions SHIMAJIRI Aiko paid a visit to the camp and gave the players words of encouragement. As the day was Sunday, a lot of fans came to watch the training.

The morning session, a part of two-a-day training, saw the squad going through skills training, attacking patterns and set-pieces. And the squad played three 20-minute intrasquad games in the afternoon. Forward YOKOYAMA Kumi said, "we've got a chance called intrasquad games," with the selection for the final qualifiers in mind. Midfielder NAOMOTO Hikaru looked back the training, "It was tough, but I enjoyed it because we've got good support and I found out 'we can play like this too."

In the game, midfielder NAKAJIMA Emi and forward SUGASAWA Yuika scored goals. Coach SASAKI Norio said, "I made them focus on the points we got during the January's camp. We need to improve a level of image sharing and playing accuracy." He also mentioned, "I saw each player's determination and motivation very well."

Miyama said of the current state of the team, "We have lots of experienced players and want to come through as a matured team with keeping a balance between on and off. I think everyone on the team came here ready. We will try to be a team who can play as a group." The players communicate with each other both on and off the pitch on a daily basis. During their meal time, the players got together around a tablet device to look back their play.

Players' Comments

FW  YOKOYAMA Kumi (AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies)
Because I was called up for the January's camp, I'm determined when I came here to take advantage of what I already learned in January like the team’s tactics. The result is everything. For me, scoring goals is the best one. Getting a ticket to the Olympics is something the Japan National Team is responsible for. I would like to be a player who can get involved in that. Women's football is getting popular in Nagano, where my team are, so I hope I can go out to the world stage from Nagano. I'm what I am today thanks to my team, so I will work hard for the sake of the people around me as well.

With game-style training starting, I got a feeling that now it's the time. On offence, I will try to challenge aggressively and get involved in team's goals, and on defence, I will try to win the ball by shifting between the offence and defence quickly. Qualifying the Olympics is the minimum goal as a team. If I'm selected for the squad, I will achieve a good result and move onto the next with learnings I can get out of this experience. We will work our tactics and details during this camp and I also try to keep up with the process.


Sat. 13 February PM Training                                                     
Sun. 14 February AM/PM Training
Mon. 15 February AM/PM Training
Tue. 16 February AM/PM Training
Wed. 17 February PM Training
Thu. 18 February AM/PM Training
Fri. 19 February AM Training

*Local time
*The schedule is subject to change due to the team condition, the weather, etc.

Asian Qualifiers Final Round (Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016)

Mon. 29 February 19:35 vs  Australia Women's National Team (Kincho Stadium)
Wed. 2 March 19:35 vs  Korea Republic Women's National Team (Kincho Stadium)
Fri. 4 March 19:35 vs  China PR Women's National Team (Kincho Stadium)
Mon. 7 March 19:35 vs  Vietnam Women's National Team (Kincho Stadium)
Wed. 9 March 19:35 vs  DPR Korea Women's National Team (Kincho Stadium)

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