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S-Licence Coaching Course 2019 Module 1/Intensive Course (1) Participant's Report Vol. 2

22 April 2019

S-Licence Coaching Course 2019 Module 1/Intensive Course (1) Participant's Report Vol. 2

Following their short programme held at Kashima Heights Sports Plaza, Ibaraki, the 2019 edition of the S-licence coaching course made their ways to Tokyo to hold an intensive course on professional coaching theory and other programmes starting on Monday 15 April.

This week we will share the report from Mr. KURANUKI Kazuki (Coach of Tokushima Vortis Youth).

Module1 Intensive Course (1)

Duration: Mon. 15 – Thu. 18 April

Mon. 15 April Welcome speech from President TASHIMA, introduction to the approaches taken by JFA, professional coaching theory
Tue. 16 April Morning: Coaching session
Afternoon: Observation of U-20 trainings
Wed. 17 April Morning: Coaching session
Afternoon: Mental training, professional coaching theory
Thu. 18 April Morning: Coaching session
Afternoon: Professional coaching theory, approaches taken at JFA technical house


My name is Kuranuki Kazuki from Tokushima Vortis. Following the short programme held at Kashima Heights, the S-licence coaching course 2019 has now shifted to the intensive course. The coaching sessions were held at Mitsubishi Yowa-kai Ground, while the lectures were held at the JFA House and the training room at JISS.

I was deeply inspired by the words given by President Tashima on our first day, as he mentioned, “This S-licence coaching course is not the goal, but rather a stepping stone for the development of Japanese football.” It was something I thought I already understood, but after being reinforced by someone else, it really made me brace myself for the course scheduled ahead of us.

From the following day, we held our coaching sessions in the morning. The sessions were conducted with the help of the students of Edogawa University and coaches of Mitsubishi Yowa-kai. In our last course at Kashima Heights, we had many university students helping us out, so we didn’t really have to play much ourselves, but this time, except for the time when we were acting as the coach, we were playing on the field at all times. As a coach, I usually don’t get to play this much, so it was very tiring, but fun at the same time.

At the lecture held in the afternoon, we were introduced to the topic of mental training. Ms. TANAKA OULEVEY Miyako, a former synchronized swimmer who has won the bronze medal at the Seoul Olympics, and a certified mental training consultant gave us the lecture. At the introduction, we were asked to define the word “Mental.” Although it is a word we commonly use in our daily lives, I was not able to explain it in my own words. Ms. Tanaka explained to us that the “Heart” and “Spirit” is something within our soul, but “Mind” is in our thought process. When looking back on my coaching career, I have always emphasised the importance of the aspects of the “Heart” and “Spirit.” As a football player, techniques, strategies, and physical strengths are very important, but I have always believed that the willingness to push hard and the eagerness to win matches are also vital qualities. The lecture has given me the opportunity to rethink about the words we commonly use in our daily lives and learn the meanings of them. The definition can be different depending on how people interprets it. It was a very intriguing lesson and I feel like I have learned a lot.

I would like to thank everyone who has made this course possible, starting from President Tashima, the instructors, the students of Edogawa University, and the coaches of Mitsubishi Yowa-kai. Thank you so much.

Next time we will introduce the report form Mr. MAEDA Nobuhiro (JFA National Training Centre Coach).

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