Introducing Referees

Japanese referees who have stood on the world stage

OIWA Mayumi

Birthday:11 April 1972
Birthplace:Hokkaido Pref.
Muroran City

Football Referee Career 1991 Class 4 Referee's qualification acquired
1993 Class 3 Referee's qualification acquired
1995 Class 2 Referee's qualification acquired
1999 Women Class 1 Referee's qualification acquired
2005 Class1 Referee's qualification acquired
2002 Registered as International Woman Referee
2009 Retires
2009 JFA Referee's instructor / AFC Instructor's qualification acquired
Main Matches
(Domestic) 2004 Nadeshiko League(L-league)
January 2004 The Empress's Cup
May 2004 Nike Cup(Fukushima)
August 2004 Inter High Shool Sport Festival(Shimane)
2004 Kansai Soccer League・Kanto University Football League
2005〜2009 JFL・National Sports Festival・ The Emperor's Cup 2nd Leg・High School Soccer Tournament・Nadeshiko League
1st January 2009 (last match) The Empress's Cup Final (National Stadium)
(International) 2002年 AFC U-19Women’s Preliminary Round in INDIA
2002年 FIFA U-19Women World Cup in CANADA
Semifinal 4th / 3rd place playoff referee
2002年 14th Asian Games in BUSAN
2003年 AFC Women’s Championship in THAILAND
Final Referee
2004年 FIFA U-19Women World Cup in THAILAND
2005年 FIFA 1st Workshop Algarve cup in PORTUGAL 
2005年 AFC Women World cup ASIAN qualifiers in VIETNAM
2005年 AFC East Asian championship in KOREA REP
Final Referee
2006年 FIFA 2nd Workshop Algarve cup in PORTUGAL 
2006年 AFC U-19Women World cup ASIAN qualifiers in MALAYSIA
Final Referee
2006年 Friendly match in CHINA
2006年 AFC Women World cup ASIAN final round in AUSTRALIA
Final Referee
2007年 FIFA 3rd Workshop in SPAIN
2007年 Olimpic Qualifiers in KOREA , HONGKONG , AUSTRALIA
2007年 FIFA Final Workshop in SWISS(FIFA)
2007年 FIFA Women world CUP in CHINA 
Semifinal  4th
Final 4th


The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

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