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Japan set to face Palestine at 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 – Report (24 Sep)

25 September 2014

Japan set to face Palestine at 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 – Report (24 Sep)

On 24th prior to the match against Palestine at Round 16, Japan National U-21 Team worked on the final tune-up at the official practice site in Ansan.

With a typhoon approaching, it rained for the first time since the team landed in Korea Republic. But the rain stopped by the afternoon and some patches of blue sky appeared around 3 pm just when the practice was about to begin.

As it was just the day before the match, their practice started with a 9v9 scrimmage with goalkeepers on a half-sized pitch after warm-up. Then, the squad reviewed set-piece tactics and finalised the day with a penalty shootout practice to get ready for the upcoming knockout stage.

With regard to the opponents Palestine, while their football association was established in 1928, they became a member of the FIFA 70 years later in 1998 due to the political instability. Japan (senior national team) have never face them before and will meet for the first time next January.
The Palestine U-23 at the Asian Games brought in three overaged players who experienced the senior national team including Khaled Mahdi, and advanced to the Round 16 after beating Oman and Tajikistan to finish the Group Stage on top.

The Kick-off for the contest between Japan U-21 and Palestine U-23 is set at 7 pm on Thursday 25 at Hwaseong Sports Complex Main Stadium. The match will be broadcasted live on NHK BS1 from 4:50 pm through 6:55 pm.


TEGURAMORI Makoto, Head Coach
(Taking about Palestine)
They are organised and play European-like and use short corner kicks on set plays. They are confident in keeping the ball, trying to get past the opponents closing in and protect the ball using their whole body. Giving up our pace may lead to a tough game, so we need to keep moving around at a fast pace.

(Asked about the different systems used in the three Group Stage matches)
I selected the systems, three backs at the first, 4-3-3 at the second and 4-2-3-1 at the third match because I wanted to decide how we play while looking at opponents’ characteristics and dismissing opponents’ strength. We will use s system that fits to the next match against Palestine.

ENDO Wataru (Shonan Bellmare)
(About the match against Palestine)
I found that as they build up the game exchanging passes from backs, they are a bit different from the Middle Eastern teams we played against before.
We are going to play as usual, moving the ball quickly to keep outnumbering the opponents. In the defensive situation, we will try to make right decisions whether we put pressure up front or create a block to sit back.

AKINO Hiroki (Kashiwa Reysol)
I want to play as many games as possible on this team, so I will get well-prepared for the match.
(Palestine seems) Strong facing forward but weak defending behind the line. We have a lot of fast-footed forwards, so with my strength of precise passing, I hope I can send some good balls behind the opposing backline.

Men’s football TV schedule

Round of 16 vs. Palestine under-23, NHK BS1 (live), 4:50 p.m. to 6:55 p.m., 25th September (Thursday)
*Please understand that the program is subject to change depending on other events.

U-21 Japan National Team Match Schedule

Sun. 9/14 vs Kuwait 4-1 Incheon Football Stadium
Wed. 9/17 vs Iraq 1-3 Goyang Stadium
Sun. 9/21 vs Nepal 4-0 Goyang Stadium
Thu. 9/25  the Round of 16 17:00 Hwaseong Sports Complex Main Stadium/ 
Sun. 9/28 Quarterfinal 17:00 Munhak Stadium/Goyang Stadium
Thu. 9/30 Semifinal 17:00/20:00 Incheon Football Stadium/Munhak Stadium
Thu. 10/2 Final 20:00 Munhak Stadium

17th Asian Games (2014/Incheon)Groups

A Group Korea Republic、Malaysia、Soudi Arabia、Laos
B Group Uzbekistan、HonKong、Bangladesh、Afghanistan
C Group Oman、Palestine、 Singapore、Tajikistan
D Group Japan、Kuwait、Iraq、Nepal
E Group Thailand、Maldives、Timor-Leste 、Indonesia
F Group Korea DPR、China PR、Pakistan
G Group UAE、India、Jordan
H Group Iran、Vietnam、Kyrgyzstan
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