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Fixtures set for the Round of 16 at the 99th Emperor's Cup

17 August 2019

Fixtures set for the Round of 16 at the 99th Emperor's Cup

On Friday 16 August, the drawing ceremony for the Emperor's Cup JFA 99th Japan Football Championship took place at Japan Football Museum to determine fixtures for the round of 16. JFA President TASHIMA Kohzo, Chairman SUHARA Kiyotaka of the Organising Committee for the Emperor's Cup, and as the guest presenter, former member of the Japan National Team, Mr. TODA Kazuyuki was present at the drawing. With the drawing ceremony taking place during summer vacation, many children attended along with their family to watch the ceremony.

Ahead of the drawings, highlight films of the 81st Emperor's Cup was shown, as the guest presenter Mr. Toda played for the Shimizu S-Pulse side who won that year’s Emperor's Cup. The former Japanese international recalled his experience at the cup final, “it had a different splendidness from the J.League.” He continued by sharing his memory by stating, “I have experienced losing two finals played at new year, so this victory had greater significance for me. It felt great to be able to win a match under a wonderful atmosphere.”

Chairman Suhara followed by explaining the drawing procedures. In consideration of their match schedules, Kashima Antlers (J1) and Urawa Red Diamonds (J1), who have advanced to the quarterfinals of the AFC Champions League 2019, were designated to play at home. Also, Yokohama F. Marinos (J1), Honda FC (Shizuoka), and Hosei University (Seeded amateur) were designated for away matches, since their prefectural FA were unable to secure a local match venue.

The crowd got excited when the first fixture was determined, as J.League’s second place and fourth place (as of 22nd Sec.) teams, Kashima and Yokohama FM were drawn to face each other at the round of 16. President Tashima mentioned, “it’s a match between two big clubs. The two sides will fight with their pride on the line.”

Elsewhere, the two amateur teams, Honda FC and Hosei University will face Urawa and Ventforet Kofu (J2) respectively. Mr. Toda shared his take on these unique matchups, “these are fixtures only seen at this tournament. I will keep my eyes on these two matches.”

All eight fixtures were determined on this day, including the Shizuoka derby match between Shimizu S-Pulse (J1) and Jubilo Iwata (J1). The round of 16 will take place on Wednesday 18 and Wednesday 25 August, as the remaining 16 teams will compete to keep their hopes alive to play in the final which will take place at the new National Stadium on New Year’s Day of 2020.

Presenters' Comments

TASHIMA Kohzo, JFA President
This year’s Emperor's Cup has a special significance for two reasons. First reason is that, this is the first Emperor’s Cup in the Reiwa era. Secondly, the final will become the first official match played at the New National Stadium. I believe that these two reasons have great significance, and it will add more incentives for the remaining teams to compete for their advancement to the final. We have two amateur teams, Hosei University and Honda FC, still left in the tournament. I am interested to see how these two teams compete, and how the J.League teams will play against them. With this being a contest decided by a single match, the record at the J.League may not have any significance. That is the intriguing aspect of this tournament, and I hope everyone can enjoy that aspect. The Emperor's Cup champion will also be granted with their spot into the AFC Champions League. For many reasons, the tournament has great significance for each club. I would like to see each team to display their best performance to showcase wonderful matches.

Mr. TODA Kazuyuki, Former member of the Japan National Team
I was given the honour to be the presenter for the first time, and it made me uncharacteristically nervous. As a player, I played in the final three times and won the title once. I have experienced being ejected at the final as well. It was a rare experience to be ejected in the very first match of the year. This is a prestigious tournament with rich history, where all teams, professional or not, can compete for the national title. I hope to see enticing matches that can bring more excitement to the tournament.

Emperor's Cup JFA 99th Japan Football Championship

【1st Round】Sat. 25, Sun. 26 May
【2nd Round】Wed. 3, Wed. 10 July
【3rd Round】Wed. 14 August

【Round of 16】Wed. 18 September
【Quarterfinals】Wed. 23 October
【Semi-final】Sat. 21 December
【Final】Wed. 1 January 2020

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