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Coaches from Chinese Football Association come to see Japanese women’s football

16 October 2014

Coaches from Chinese Football Association come to see Japanese women’s football

Coaches from the Chinese Football Association came and stayed for a month in order to see Japanese women’s football.

The delegation members were the coaches for the women’s football, who were chosen by the Chinese Football Association. During their stay, they visited the JFA Academy SAKAI and FUKUSHIMA, the clubs of the plenus Nadeshiko League, and some secondary school football clubs. They also observed the activities of the ‘super girls’ project’. They not only listened to explanations about Japanese women’s football at each site, but they were also keen to exchange opinions and build close relations with Japanese staff.

This visit is a part of the long-term training programme, which is funded by the Japan Foundation. The Japan Foundation supports arts and cultural exchange all over the world. JFA Women's International Coaching Course 2014, which was held in March, was also subsidised by the Japan Foundation.

The comments of the delegation members from the Chinese Football Association

Ms. Gao Hong
Chinese women’s football staff are astonished by the development of Japanese women’s football in recent years. We came here to see how they promoted and strengthened it in order to have one of the strongest team in the world. We’ll share what we’ve learned here, including some know-how, back home with the related staff and hope to contribute to boosting the level of Chinese women’s football even more.

Ms. Bai Lili
During this visit, I could exchange opinions with Japanese women’s football staff, see the development programmes run by the JFA, such as the ‘super girl programme’ and JFA Academy SAKAI, and visit Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies. What strikes me most is the devoted attitude of all the people who are connected to Japanese women’s football, let alone the players and the coaches. There are some cultural differences between China and Japan, but I’d like to contribute to the development of Chinese women’s football, using the know-how we’ve just learned here. I’m really grateful to all the staff, including JFA who gave us these special opportunities. I hope we will continue to cooperate together so that we can develop Asian women’s football.

Ms. Li Feiyu
In terms of the women’s football, I think it’s important to raise the level of the whole Asia, not to mention China and Japan, in order to be competitive in international championships. I had a very fruitful time here getting to know the situation of the Japanese women’s football through this visit. I hope the Chinese Football Association and the Japan Football Association will collaborate to deliver this kind of event more often and that these two countries will make Asian women’s football much stronger.


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