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From Pitches in Asia – Report from JFA Coaches/ Instructors Vol.21: GYOTOKU Koji, Coach of Nepal National Team

21 October 2016

From Pitches in Asia – Report from JFA Coaches/ Instructors Vol.21: GYOTOKU Koji, Coach of Nepal National Team

The 21st edition of “From Pitches in Asia,” reporting voices of instructors in Asian countries, is from Mr. GYOTOKU Koji, who has taken up the Nepal National Team coach role for the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA).

Life in Nepal

With the rainy season coming to an end, it's the best season for tourists to enjoy the Himalayan views from Kathmandu. It's getting chilly in the mornings and evenings but a great climate to live in the city. National team's training is usually held for two hours in the morning, and the players have lunch together in the ANFA's club house. There are a lot of restaurants around my house with a variety of food.  A typical and traditional Nepalese dish is "Dal bhat," the Nepal version of a combination meal. Rice, stir-fried spinach, bean soup, curry stir-fried potatoes, pickles and vegetables are served on one plate. Nepal has scheduled blackouts every day, but there is no problem if you get used to it.

Meanwhile, something I have a hard time most with is the language barrier. An interpreter is usually with me, but when he is not available, I need to communicate with players in English. In this case, I coach them by demonstrating or using a whiteboard for easier understanding.

Preparation for AFC Solidarity Cup

Nepal National Team will take part in the AFC Solidarity Cup in November in Malaysia. Of course, our goal is to win the tournament. Now, we have two training sessions a day in the morning and the afternoon. Playing friendly matches is the most necessary for us as a preparation. For some reasons, we haven't had a chance to play an international match since late May. My concern is that we don't have any opportunity to check players' condition in matches, while they have been in better form. The strength of this team is they can get very focused within seconds once getting in the zone. I want them to show their great ability effectively.

For the development of Nepal football, Technical Director, Mr. TAKEDA, who has been also dispatched from Japan Football Association, is now working on roadmap of coaching education and to establish Technical Department within the ANFA. We have not been able to put energy to strengthen our national teams yet, but I believe the situation is going to be improved.

About Nepal National Team

Football is very popular in this country. A lot of Nepal people wish their National Team do well. Some of the national team players have commercial endorsements with such as a motorcycle manufacturer, a soft-drink company and a sports apparel brand. And they are an icon for children. Because of the big earthquake hit to Nepal in 2015, the national stadium was heavily damaged and still not available, but if the national team can have a chance to play a match in the country, it will give great courage and hopes to the people.

To live up to their expectations, I will do my best to build up a good national team together with ANFA's coaching staff members.

Overseas dispatch of Official JFA Licensed Coaches

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