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The 3rd JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival held in MFA Matsushima Football Centre, Miyagi

04 November 2014

The 3rd JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival held in MFA Matsushima Football Centre, Miyagi

The “JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival,” a newly launched 2014 event took place for the third time on Saturday 25 October at MFA Matsushima Football Centre in Miyagi prefecture.

The festival gathered a total of 420 people including elementary school team players, coaches and parents from the Miyagi coast area, who have been affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The U-21 Japan coach Teguramori Makoto, Coach in charge of JFA Reconstruction Support Project, Teguramori Hiroshi, and National Training Centre Coaches in charge of Tohoku welcomed the participating families and coaches.

In the morning, a football class for U-12 kids was held after the opening ceremony which started at 10:00. At the same time, inter-exchange friendly games amongst coaches and parents and another kid’s programs were held on the pitch next to the football class. Afterwards, friendly games took place with all kids using four half-sized pitches. In the afternoon, all the participants including kids, their parents and coaches had friendly games. All of them enjoyed the games playing with smiles on their face and chased the ball around as much as time allowed.

As one of the activities off the pitch, a BBQ was held with the cooperation of coaches and parents. People enjoyed the BBQ during the preparation watching kids’ playing in the pitch. Additionally, local people offered oyster soup, rice balls and fresh tuna. They filleted tuna into pieces for serving. All the participants including adult maximised these events as much as possible and one of the objectives of this event seemed certainly to have been realised; “not only letting kids smile as they play but also letting those who support the kids smile.

Comments from participants

SATO Masakazu, Father of a U-12 player(Minato Kids Soccer Sports Club)
The kids had a good chance to meet with other teams and I also enjoyed playing football after longtime since I stopped playing 7 years ago. I would like the organizer to hold this type of event again.

NAKAGAWA Yumiko, Mother of a U-12 player(Minato Kids Soccer Sports Club)
I enjoyed playing football together with kids because I didn’t have any chance to play like this before. I also appreciate this type of support remembering not only kids but also adults to play together, having a lovely chance to meet with other local teams.

KAMIYAMA Hana, player(F.C Impulse)
I was happy to score one goal in the game, which I played with other kids from different teams.

KIMIJIRI Sora, player(F.C Impulse)
I enjoyed the friendly game with adult people.

TEGURAMORI Makoto, Japan U-21 Head Coach
I personally felt that reconstruction in this area has absolutely moved on. The event we had today was not something visual, but it was for encouraging or even fostering people’s heart; I believe that rich mentality is important for the reconstruction and it was good for me to see the chance which contributed to it here.

TEGURAMORI Hiroshi, Coach in charge of JFA Reconstruction Support Project
Since we started JFA Reconstruction Support Project, it has been 3 years and 7 months and we have just had the third JFA Reconstruction Support festival here. It was good for me to express my gratitude to all the local coaches and parents for overcoming any difficulties as much as possible. I want to keep working on this festival for it to be held again next year.


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