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The 2nd JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival held in Kamaishi, Iwate

17 October 2014

The 2nd JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival held in Kamaishi, Iwate

The “JFA Reconstruction Support Football Festival,” a newly launched event from this year, took place for the second time on Monday 13 October at Iwate Football Centre Kamaishi stadium.

The festival gathered a total of 524 people including elementary school team players, coaches and parents from the Iwate coast area, who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Those who welcomed the participating families and coaches were J3 Grulla Morioka’s players and staff members by the help from the Japan Pro-Footballers Association as well as Teguramori Hiroshi, National Training Centre Coach in charge of JFA Reconstruction Support Project.

The event consisted of football lessons for U-10 and U-12 players in the morning and friendly games among players, coaches and parents using four half-sized pitches in the afternoon. As they rarely play on the artificial turf like this event site, players enjoyed playing with smiles on their face and chased the ball around as much as time allowed.

Coaches and parents enjoyed their time off the pitch as four local kitchen cars came to offer pasta, “omurice” rice omelette, lunch boxes, “TAKOYAKIs” and after-meal coffees, and for the kids players there was very authentic curry and rice. That meal time was designed to help players, coaches and parents to interact with each other more off the pitch. One of the objectives of this event was certainly realised; not only letting kids smile as they play but also letting those who support the kids smile.”

*This festival started as a part of the JFA’s Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Activities this year to be held in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. The remaining event of the year will take place at MFA Matsushima Football Centre in Miyagi on Saturday 25 October.

Comments from Participants

Mr. KURISAWA Atsuhiro
We enjoyed our day thanks to Grulla Morioka players and JFA staff. I appreciate that.

I could play with Grulla Morioka players today, and I saw great plays in front of me. I want to try them out and work hard from now on.

SAITO Koya (Grulla Morioka DF No.13)
Unlike the regular football lessons, we could play football with kids’ parents, so it was such a new thing to do. Because fathers and mothers seemed to be enjoying their time, I also could enjoy it more than usual.


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