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U-19 Japan National Team UAE trip report (5 June)

06 June 2014

U-19 Japan National Team UAE trip report (5 June)

U-19 Japan National Team had a workout from 5 pm to get ready for the match against U-19 UAE National Team tomorrow.
First they engaged in a ball-movement drill in a 4-on-2 setting as they made sure where to call for passes, when to start moving without a ball, where to stop the ball and so on. Then they moved on to a 9-on-9 scrimmage in a half pitch. They repeatedly showed good offensive plays where two or more players attacked a side together and fed the ball into the goal area for shots. Later they worked on set-pieces before they split into groups by their positions. The offensive players worked on a shooting drill exhibiting outstanding location shots after shots.

In this report we would like to cover some of their life off the pitch. There is a recreational lounge in their hotel where table tennis tables and billiard tables are available. Players take advantage of these amusements when they are free including time after lunch. Playing these games is actually helping players to increase the amount of their communication especially in a different way from what they share on the pitch. The photo shows a doubles match where Mochizuki and Tamura played against Coach Uchiyama and Technical Staff Katagiri, which turned out to be quite a close and heated match.

Tomorrow, the team will play a match against U-19 UAE National Team starting from 6:20 pm local time. They are highly motivated getting ready for this match as they are looking ahead the AFC U-19 Championship down the road. The match report will be on the JFA official website. Please keep supporting U-19 Japan National Team.


MOCHIZUKI Reo(Nagoya Grampus)
After coming to UAE, we have got used to this climate, and then we will have a match against UAE National Team tomorrow. Having a match in this hot weather is very good for us as we prepare for the final qualifier. So we will play as a team and play a good match. No matter what kind of weather we have, we will play our brand of football. Please keep supporting us.

OCHI Yamato(Sanno University)
In this camp, we have had good practices under this hot weather. In the match tomorrow as a team we need to work on how we play together and how we keep attacking the goal aggressively. I personally want to keep looking for ways to score throughout the match and help my team to win at the end of the match.

NAKATANI Shinnosuke(Kashiwa Reysol)
It has been three days since we arrived in UAE. We have got used to this heat and have been doing good practices. In the facility, we have table tennis tables and billiard tables. Off the pitch we can relax there, so that makes it easier for us to focus on football on the pitch as well.
Tomorrow, we will have a friendly against UAE National Team. I will do my best to have a good match and good result at the end of the match.


Fri. 6 June 18:15 International Friendly Match  vs UAE U-19(UAE FA Stadium)
Sun. 8 June 18:15 International Friendly Match  vs UAE U-19 (UAE FA Stadium)
Wed. 11 June 10:00 Training Match  vs Yokohama FC(Nissan Field Kozukue)
Thu. 12 June 11:00 Training Match  vs Shonan Bellmare(Banyu Fureai Park Soccer Field)

Future Schedule

8/10~17 2014 SBS Cup International Youth Tournament
9/29~10/6 Training Camp(Domestic)
10/7~24 AFC U-19 Championship Myanmar 2014
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