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JFA Academy Sakai 4th-class students participate in parade of Sakai Festival

21 October 2015

JFA Academy Sakai 4th-class students participate in parade of Sakai Festival

The JFA Academy Sakai fourth-class students (the first grade of junior high school) participated in the 42nd Sakai Festival on Sunday 18 October.

The players were given plenty of time to create an annual flag (an emblem of the fourth-class students’ slogan). Although it has taken since the middle of September until the last moment of the day, all of the twelve players cooperated together and finished it off.

They took part in the parade with the flag. The players seemed to become a little shy, but waved at the crowd during the parade, whenever the local people cheered them.

By participating the event, the Academy students learned the importance of being supported by many people.

Academy Students’ Comments

OSUMI Rikka (Premier Tokushima Soccer Club)
I was glad I took part in the Sakai Festival parade for the first time. We, the class of the fourth grade, created two beautiful flags, which we took along with us for the parade. I was grateful when the local people cheered for us during the parade. I was filled with a feeling of accomplishment after the parade. It was good that we participated in the event and created flags. I’d like to try similar things, using the knowledge I learned today.

KIMOTO Kokoro (FC Vitoria)
We created two big flags in preparation for Sakai Festival. The first one was filled with Academy’s new emblem and each individual’s aim. The second one had drawings and phrases, which we the fourth-class students decided to put on. I think we did a great job, cooperating together. I was proud of myself in the parade, wearing a cool football shirt as an Academy Team. I’d like to do my best, if I have another opportunity like this again.

MORI Fumika (INAC Kobe U-15)
I learned two things through the event. The first one was that we could achieve success if we cooperated well. Some of us were good at drawing, while the others weren’t. So creating flags didn’t go smoothly at first. However, in the end, we finished the flags in time for the Sakai Festival by cooperating together. I learned the importance of “cooperation” through it. The second one was that we were carrying the hopes of many Sakai people. They cheered and applauded during the parade, which encouraged me to practice harder to become better at football. I’ll do my best at Academy time, bearing this experience in mind.

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