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Special License Player System

JFA/Nadeshiko League Special License Player System


The Special License Player System is a system which aims to provide young football players with great talent and potential "a suitable environment in accordance with the player's ability."


Designated Players who currently doesn’t belong to the Nadeshiko League will be allowed to play in official matches in the Nadeshiko League without changing their registration with their current team. This would allow talents across all organisations to have a chance to develop and improve under a higher level of competition.


Player must satisfy all qualifications listed below:
・Female player with Japanese citizenship
・Player registered in the Japan Football Association
・Player with certified health
・Player of teams that are not registered in Nadeshiko League division 1 or 2
・Player born after 1 January 1996
・Player who has been invited to National team activities (including underage categories, and trial sessions)

Eligible matches

Players certified as JFA/Nadeshiko League Special License Player, with the acceptance of the registration forms described in the article 51 of the “Japan Women's Football League statute” may participate in the following matches.
・2018 Plenus Nadeshiko League division 1 and 2(does not include promotion/relegation play-off matches)
・2018 Plenus Nadeshiko League Cup division 1 and 2

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