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Chinese Taipei coaches delegation experience coaching methods of J.League clubs and other organisations

18 August 2016

Chinese Taipei coaches delegation experience coaching methods of J.League clubs and other organisations

As KURODA Kazuo has been on duty for the Japan Football Association (JFA) as the Supervisor of Chinese Taipei Youth Development, his group's 14 coaches visited Japan from Friday 29 July to Tuesday 9 August to learn coaching methods of Japanese football teams.

During their stay in Kawasaki City from Friday 29 through Sunday 31 July, they had a lecture from Kawasaki Frontale on the club's mission, coach development and activities that is collaborated with the local community. The coaches watched Kawasaki Frontale U-13's match at Todoroki Athletics Stadium, a match between Shonan Bellmare and Kawasaki Frontale at Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka and the Kawasaki Frontale Kids League matches at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki.

Then, they travelled to Kofu and had a workshop hosted by Ventforet Kofu on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 August. And they visited each practice session of Ventforet Kofu U-13, Vent+Mizuno summer festival U-10 and Yamanashi Gakuin University Soccer Club. The coaching method that they learned there was actually used for junior high school students from U Sports Club.

The coaches group visited JFA Football Future Programme Training Centre Workshop U-12 (FFP) from Wednesday 3 to Sunday 7 August in Gotemba and observed a warm-up session and match of U-12 training centre teams representing each prefecture. On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7, the visitors took part in JFA Certified Coach Workshop to learn coaching fundamentals along with Japanese coaches.

Schedule of the visit

Friday 29 July Arrival in Japan, lecture at Kawasaki Frontale
Saturday 30 July Kawasaki Frontale U-13 match,
Shonan Bellmare–Kawasaki Frontale match
Sunday 31 July Kawasaki Frontale Kids League, travel to Yamanashi Prefecture
Monday 1 August Workshop by Ventforet Kofu, Visited Ventforet Kofu U-13's practice,
Vent+Mizuno summer festival U-10
Tuesday 2 August Yamanashi Gakuin University Soccer Club practice, work on coaching
Wednesday 3 August Travel to Shizuoka Prefecture, FFP match
Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 August FFP match, workshop of JFA Certified Coach Workshop
Monday 8 August Japan Football Museum tour
Tuesday 9 August Departure from Japan

Participants' Comments

I found out one of the biggest reasons why Japanese football grew so rapidly is that they have high-quality coaches. I learned a lot from J.League clubs, Yamanashi Gakuin University and FFP. I will take the coaching methods I learned here back to Taiwan and work hard for the development of Taiwanese football.

As a member of Chinese Taipei Football Association, I realised the structural difference between the JFA and our football association. The JFA system of supporting people involved in football is very high in quality. I will share what I learned here with colleagues in the Chinese Taipei Football Association and try to offer more support for people involved in our country's football.

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