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U-16/U-19 Mongolia Women's National Team holds training camp at Matsushima Football Centre (7/2-11)

25 July 2018

U-16/U-19 Mongolia Women's National Team holds training camp at Matsushima Football Centre (7/2-11)

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s "Sports Diplomacy Promotion Project" the U-16/U-19 Mongolia Women's National Team was invited to hold their training camp  at Matsushima Football Centre in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture for nine days from Tuesday 3 July to Wednesday 11 July. The camp was held in preparation for the AFC U-16 Women's Championship qualifiers and the AFC U-19 Women's Championship qualifiers scheduled in mid-September and October respectively. A total of seven training matches were conducted during their stay.

On Monday 2 July, one day prior to the start of their training camp, the team paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and spent time sightseeing Tokyo. During their stay in Matsushima, the team also made a courtesy visit to the town hall of Matsushima as well as the affected areas from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The results of the training-matches were as follow:

Thu. 5 July ○ 7-2 (0-1, 2-0, 0-1, 5-0)/20'×4 vs Miyagi Phoenix
Thu. 5 July ● 0-5 (0-4, 0-1)/45'×2 vs Seiwa Gakuen
Sat. 7 July ● 0-11 (0-6, 0-5)/40'×2 vs Tokiwagi Gakuen
Sun. 8 July ● 1-12 (0-8, 1-1, 0-3)/30'×3 vs Matsushima Junior High School (Men's team)
Sun. 8 July ● 0-1 (0-1, 0-0, 0-0)/30'×3 vs F.H.T. PEARS
Mon. 9 July △ 0-0/40'×2 vs Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Daigaku High School
Tue. 10 July △ 2-2 (2-0, 0-2)/40'×2 vs Meisei High School

Comment of Mongolian Football Federation Technical Director

Mr. Shoovookhoi Jargalsaikhan, Technical Director
It is my first time visiting Japan. We were informed how strong Japanese teams are, but it was our first time experiencing it in first hand. We are very pleased with the fact we managed to conduct very solid training sessions for nine days. During this camp, we played a total of seven matches and held 14 training sessions. It must have been a ton of workload for the team. We would like to thank Coach KUROSAWA of Sendai University Women’s Football Team for watching over our goalkeepers’ workout. The session held by JFA Instructor, KIMURA Kokichi also gave our players a priceless experience. The 10 days spent in Japan would surely have an impact on our future tournament results.

Coach and Players’ Comments

IKI Yoji, Coach
With the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, JFA, and the Miyagi Football Association, we were able to hold a productive camp. Compared to where they were before the camp, the team has improved dramatically. The goalkeepers have also shared their joy of improving through the three workouts we have conducted for them. Through their visits to the affected areas of the earthquake and sightseeing other areas, the players were given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge not just in terms of football, but as a human being. By spending time abroad at an early age, I feel that the players were able to grow as an individual in many aspects. This year, the AFC U-16 Women's Championship qualifiers and the AFC U-19 Women's Championship qualifiers will take place in September and October respectively. We will do our best to finish with the best results possible in both tournaments. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the thorough preparation and the warm hospitality.

Ulziibayar Badamkhatan, Captain
Through this camp, I was able to feel my own growth and I am very happy for that. The training session conducted by Mr. Kimura Kokichi and the goalkeepers’ workout led by Mr. Kurosawa was very helpful for us. Training sessions held by different coaches than usual gave us an opportunity to find out new things. We are also glad that we managed to play numerous training matches, as we were able to see ourselves improve through each match. We were also given the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture and daily routines of the Japanese life style. I was surprised by how polite the Japanese people are and made me think that I must learn from them. For most of us, it was our first visit to Japan, and I believe the interaction with the Japanese culture has given us a positive change moving forward.

Byambatsetseg Munkhzul
This was my first visit to Japan, but I had such a wonderful time. As a goalkeeper, I am very happy to learn so much from Coach Kurosawa. By learning new techniques, I gained more confidence in myself. I am very thankful for the detailed lecture given to us on the goalkeeper’s role in the game and the timing to come out from the goal.

Accepting teams from the AFC Member Associations to hold training camps in Japan

Upon receiving requests to hold training camps in Japan, JFA will make all arrangements including training-matches in efforts to support the strengthening of the national teams of the Member Associations.
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