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JFA Tohoku Reconstruction Support Project - May 2015 Report by TEGURAMORI Hiroshi, national training centre coach

09 June 2015

JFA Tohoku Reconstruction Support Project - May 2015 Report by TEGURAMORI Hiroshi, national training centre coach

Teguramori visited to observe the 2nd Kanagasaki Cup boys football championship/Iwaizumi football exchange championship, which was held at a multi-purpose field in Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, on 3 May (Sunday).

TAKAHASHI Masahiko, who runs the tournament as a representative of Kanegasaki sports boys club, is a native of Rikuzentakata. He came up with the idea of host it with his own love for his native province that he wanted to support the devastated area. 

While he asked the community center that runs the field, Takahashi donated a pair of goals for boys to the facility. Other members of the facility, who shared the thoughts with Takahashi, also gave their own facility two pairs of goals. Now they've got three pitches.

A total of 16 teams, including Takata FC of Rikuzentakata and Shishiori FC from outside Iwate Prefecture, participated in the tourney. On the first day, the teams were divided into four groups and played a round-robin and then on the second they played a knock-out tournament.

“The recovery will still need time at the suffered places,” Takahashi said. “We are not in a situation that we can bring in more teams for this, so I would like to support as much as possible. Also, we would like to lay a grass field so they can play in a better circumstance.

Teguramori moved to Iwaizumi on the 4th and watched the Iwaizumi football exchange tournament. It was held with two pitches for boys at the Iwaizumi Fureai Land.

A total of six teams, including Ueda FC and Esperanca Tamayama from the inland of Iwate Prefecture, Kuji and Ninohe from the north of it, and Derufire Taro and Miyako Phoenix from the Miyako area, and played exhibitions with the U-12 and U-10 categories. Because Iwaizumi boys sports club, a local club, didn't have enough members, the players joined Derufire Taro. 

YAMAMOTO Nobuyuki, head coach of Derufire Taro, has worked on the issue of the decline of the children that was boosted by the earthquakes and said during the tournament that it was pity that they can't play football even if they want to so he wanted to do something.

Coach Yamamoto was a victim himself and is still living in a temporary house. His residence will be moved to a higher place, but the construction hasn't started yet, and it will begin in the fall. It is expected to take a lot more time that all the victims would be able to get out of their temporary residents. Some of them don't even have clues to make living and are forced to choose to live at the temporary residents.

Teguramori observed a qualifying for Wakabayashi Ward in the rookie games in Miyagi Prefecture on the 9th and 10th. The league now has eight teams in Wakabayashi Ward with an addition of Nanzai FC (Minami-Zaimokucho Elementary School) this year. 

Teguramori joined training of Kazuma boys sports club of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, on the 12th. The practice was held from 5:30 p.m. till 7 p.m. at the gymnasium of Kazuma elementary school.They did 3-on-1s on the technical part, 2S + 3 on 3s (5 on 3s) in the possession portion and then 4-on-4 games in the end. The children worked passionately for the entire 90 minutes.  As the gymnasium was booked for a junior high school's volleyball, all the members quickly left the gym after the practice was over.

Currently, the surrounding areas of Kazuma elementary are under residential developments. Watanoha Junior High, whose buildings are still temporary, will complete their building constructions in three years. The people in Ishinomaki region have apparently shared practice fields, coping with other sports' associations.

Teguramori visited Higashi Matsushima on the 24th to attend an opening ceremony of a sports ground that was installed at Takaki no Mori sports park. The park is located on a high hill, 10 minutes inward from the Yamoto interchange of Sanriku high way. It has two baseball fields, a multi-purpose ground and a softball field.

Now the park has added a sports ground, at which there were previously a pair of hangers for Blue Impulses of the Air Self Defense Force of Higashi Matsuyama. The ground was compete half a year later than it was originally planned. “Now we have an inside practice place and we don't have to worry about the weather when we practice, so we are thrilled,” Higashi Matsuyama football boys sports club captain Sato Ryo said at the ceremony.

A futsal tournament was played between Naruno-FC, Yamoto FC and FC-Impulse. The players looked they were having fun.

Reconstruction Training Centre in Fukushima played the game against Fukushima Central Koriyama U-11/U-12 on 21 May at Kikuda Sport Park. I was in charge of the U-12 group. We pursued the qualify of controlling and passing with square passing. On the possession of 2 on 2s +3S ~1 + 3 on 3s, I asked the players  for judging plays after they actually see and intensities to not stop their thoughts.

They were the players whom I had crossed paths since they were of the U-11 category, so they all understood my instructions and tried on the things actively.

I visited the U-12 and U-13 of the training center of Iwaki region that started this year from the 27th. NAKATA Yasuhito, who's the academy youth director, took care of the U-12 players and I was in charge of the U-13 players. 

We did some triangle passing and possession 4 on 2s, and then 4 on 2s + 2 on 3s (7 on 4s). And we played an 8 on 8 game in the end. The players really showcased themselves. About the half of the members were whom I'd coached last year, when they were of the U-12 players, and they seemed to have gotten bigger by one size.We are excited about their future.

For the Iwaki region, we are looking to create circumstances that the coaches of grade 2 and 3 can work together by having events of the U-12 and U-13 at the same place. 

On the 29th, I observed the training center of Aizu region. YAMAZAKI Shigeo, who's the Tohoku youth director, was in charge of the U-12 with a theme of getting opponents off balance, carrying out attacking situations near the goal. I coached techniques for the under-11 players.

I was a little worried with their square passing early, but they got better gradually. We did 3 on 1s +3 on 1 and then developed to 1 + 4 on 4 + 4S later on. The children enjoyed them and the coaches worked actively and it helped us big time. 

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